Fantastic fruit loaf recipe

Very moist. Sweet. I used pineapple juice instead of apple juice. Was cooked in 50 mins. Delicious.

Chef_agave1, Jun 2, 5:23 pm

That sounds great.
I've printed it off & thanks.

Chef_samanya, Jun 2, 5:33 pm

Thanks for sharing agave1, I will give this a go but think I will try soaking the dates in water and then use that instead of the juice, just trying to limit the amount if sugar.

Chef_nauru, Jun 2, 6:22 pm

That is in the Aunt Daisy cookbook. haven't made it for years as I forgot about it then saw it in the Herald the other day. it really is good.

Chef_agnes8, Jun 21, 10:01 pm

Nauru. Did you give it a go with the water?

Chef_agave1, Jun 23, 7:41 am

Just made this with Edmonds GF self raising flour, boiled dates and sultanas just in water, but when batter was mixed, decided it needed a little sugar, so added just 1/2 c of brown sugar. Large loaf cooked in 50 mins, delicious. Beautifully moist. With no butter in the recipe, didn't feel too guilty putting butter on a slice of it.

This would make a lovely desert hot, with custard the family thinks lol

Chef_westigal, Jun 23, 10:11 pm

Sorry agave, I haven't gotten around to trying it yet. Will let you know.

Chef_nauru, Jun 25, 7:43 pm

Bumping, had every intention of making this tonight, got sidetracked doing boring housework. Have boiled my fruit and cooked my pumpkin though.

Chef_kay34, Jun 27, 11:21 pm

Made this today, but I feel it needs a little something else to give it more flavour. Maybe a little cinnamon. Recipe is very easy.

Chef_clair4, Jun 28, 6:24 pm

Its going to be a regular here, yummy!

Chef_kay34, Jun 28, 8:17 pm

Another to try! 3 Weetbix, 1 1/2c Dried Fruit (what U like), 3/4c Sugar & 1 1/4c Milk - into bowl, plate over it & leave overnight. Next day stir in 1 1/2c SR Flour, Vanilla Essence. I add some Spice if I feel like it. Mix up - quite gluggy. Add some more milk if U think it's needed. Put in greased loaf tin. Bake 350F 1 hour. Yummy doesn't last long!

Chef_sla11, Apr 24, 10:06 pm

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