Meal to knock his socks off?

Is this a recipe you're willing to share?

Chef_valleygirl16, Jul 11, 4:19 pm

Long story short I'm wanting to make a meal to really impress.
He's had my cooking before but I want this one to really stand out.

Can't include mushrooms. Spices are ok.
Probably not a seafood dish either as I don't eat that crap and have no idea how to cook it.

Ready, set, GO!

Chef_bekybiscuit, Dec 1, 6:33 pm

Hard question. A beautifully cut and cooked steak would impress some; a spicy Vietnamese salad others! Google your heart out; you will know what you are confident with cooking and take it from there.

Chef_awoftam, Dec 1, 6:48 pm

Pizza and beer

Chef_patxyz, Dec 1, 6:50 pm

Or maccys homemade

Chef_lilyfield, Dec 1, 7:16 pm

Raw oysters for him ;o)

Chef_samanya, Dec 1, 7:16 pm

A roast with all trimmings
steak egg and chips with a salad
chicken breast stuffed with apricot and cream cheese or pesto wrapped in bacon with tuscan roast vegies

Chef_teddy147, Dec 1, 7:37 pm

I'm a bloke, a good steak does it for me along with a nice salad that is big on tasty stuff and light on weeds. So a greek type one with olives and feta tomato, cucumber, etc

Do chips with that too Boil some nice roasting potatoes the day before then on the night slice to big chips and brown up well in half butter half oil and lots of it. Go with lots of salt on that. Have plenty of good beer on hand.

Have a nice light dessert for after but not too much don't want him falling asleep on you.

Chef_beaker59, Dec 1, 8:51 pm

What are his fav's? I think steak and sauce is generally a hit with guys. I think any thing cooked with loves shines :-)

Chef_ruby19, Dec 1, 8:53 pm

Beef skirt pie or guiness steak mince pie with crisp flaky pastry. Pot full creamy buttery mashed spuds. Loaf crusty cob loaf fresh from oven to sop up the gravy. HP and good tomato sauce. Washed down fav chilled beer. Follow up with chocolate self sauce pudding and good vanilla icecream.
Men are simple creatures. the way to a mans heart is through his belly not through his fly!

Chef_daarhn, Dec 1, 9:32 pm

And after dinner mints on the pillows>>>>>>-

Chef_smallwoods, Dec 1, 10:54 pm

Do you have any indication on what he enjoys most, if you do know then can you let us know and if you don't know then just ask him in a round-about way.


Chef_valentino, Dec 2, 9:06 am

If you coat meat in breadcrumbs and fry it most men believe they're being treated like kings. If you go a step further and fry onions to go with the BC'd meat their nostrils will assure them from the moment that they step inside that 'something' is cooking and they're probably going to enjoy it.

If you want it to be really memorable (truely sock knocking off stuff LOL) make a curry from scratch (not that difficult, just get the balance of spices etc right and don't rely on packet curry mixes or pastes). Do all the little side dishes that make it look like you've gone to heaps of trouble - rice, naans, poppadoms, relishes etc and, if he fancy himself a *real man* the more heat you get into the curry the better he'll like it (don't forget napkins - lots of them - and do something with a yoghurt base to help ease the pain when he realises he's gotten carried away with his ability to handle the hot stuff. ;-)

Good luck!

Chef_sampa, Dec 2, 9:46 am

If you really want to knock his socks off and I mean really knock his socks off then one can never go past a Whitebait meal with the right trimmings or side compliment.

Traditionally the most sort after meal for Male, forget about your thoughts - that is limiting to yourself over him.

Next best is Venison, the king of game meat.

Next best is a nice good size chunk of Hapuka with the right sauce to go with it.
Raw Tuna that is absolutely fresh is up there as well.

Forget all of those various dishes that involves names made up to suit various dishes, it is simply not the genuine thing as the real """Knocking your socks off """ meals.


Chef_valentino, Dec 2, 10:17 am

Big T Bone steak that covers the plate oiled seasoned s/p cooked in a nice hot cast iron pan, with couple nice roasted stuffed hassel back spud, side salad or steamed green.

Chef_fifie, Dec 2, 10:39 am

Get your man one of these porterhouse steaks

Chef_rainrain1, Dec 2, 11:29 am

Beware anything with a strong smell such as curry, garlic or onion if you are hoping for some lip action later.

I'd go with a superb Lasagna with a side of good bread and salad. Follow up with a rich chocolate cake warmed slightly with a hot chocolate sauce (I use ganache).

Chef_norse_westie, Dec 2, 1:07 pm

I've never met a man who didn't like apple pie

Chef_edlin, Dec 2, 2:08 pm

SO are his socks still on or is the event yet to happen :)

Chef_beaker59, Dec 2, 6:47 pm

Unless he's a chef or a gourmet cook himself I would stay totally traditional and use the KISS principle.

Roast lamb,crispy roast potatoes, peas (fresh ones are just in season) honey glazed baby carrots, steamed green beans with butter toasted almonds Mint sauce (not out of a bottle) and of course absolutely lashings of gorgeous gravy made from the lamb drippings.

Apple pie - with custard and/or cream, ice cream.

And then pray it's a lot better than his Mum used to make!

Good luck.

Chef_esther-anne, Dec 2, 7:06 pm

agree with this. I have a lasagne recipe that has NEVER failed to impress any bloke (and now impresses my own sons lol). I serve it with some nice fresh green vegetables (not too many) and a couple of pieces of crusty garlic crostini and it's an absolute winner. A boyfriend about 26 years ago used to PAY me to make it for him after we split up ! lol. My ex-husband still mentions it from time to time. And now my boys ask me when "lasagne night" is.

It's full of good-quality meat, excellent tasty cheese and a few secret ingreds. including the addition of a dash of expensive Merlot and a couple of minced Portobello mushrooms!

Chef_cameron-albany, Dec 2, 7:27 pm

Yumo cameron-albany, would you please share your lasagne receipe please?

Chef_standard, Dec 2, 8:34 pm

Beef wellington

Chef_twindizzy, Dec 2, 8:48 pm

Meat. nice good steak cooked with butter. and mashed potato made with cream and butter plus less on the rabbit food. Anyway studies have shown appetite for sex can be satisfied by a good meal. so up to you if you want to feed him a little bit less.

Chef_deus701, Dec 3, 1:02 pm

Unless you've booked something over looking the water. then nah. Prefer a nice aged muscat sipped from a Webb & Corbett.

Chef_daarhn, Mar 23, 9:47 pm

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