Peeling eggs

Chef_pickles7, Jul 2, 8:13 am

Cool, will try that tnx for sharing.

Chef_fifie, Jul 2, 9:03 am

Thank you. I will look forward to trying it.

Chef_dalkemade, Jul 2, 9:04 am

And it works well

Chef_griffo4, Jul 2, 10:54 am

Very fresh eggs are harder to peel .

Chef_leonv8, Jul 4, 8:05 pm

Wont work with as soft boiled when hot.
Like, starting at a boil , say 2 eggs, pre warmed in tap hot water, into a 5 liter pot, 5 minutes on the boil.
Too soft.
size 7 egg.

Chef_nzdoug, Jul 4, 8:35 pm

Nothing really works if the whites are not properly cooked. However, the method appears to work well with eggs that do have properly cooked egg whites.

I have to admit that achieving properly cooked whites with nice soft yolks is something that I have never mastered consistently. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't. Even 30secs off in timing, or turning down the element too soon will make a big difference. I've even found that the amount of water I use in the pot affects the outcome. I whish eggs had see through shells.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 5, 1:34 pm

i did notice they were white eggs I think they were always easier

Chef_slimgym, Jul 7, 12:55 am

Put eggs in cold water bring to the boil, take off heat wait 5 minutes take out of water crack open should be great, cousin got this off that chef thats always doing crazy stuff

Chef_slimgym, Jul 7, 12:57 am

Thanks slimgym. I'll try this next time I boil eggs. Anything is worth trying. Do you mean Heston Blumenthal?

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 7, 4:56 pm

Sounds like coddled eggs? I love coddling, the eggs are just divine and easier to digest. So soft and nom nom nommy.

Chef_awoftam, Jul 7, 8:16 pm

Would be helpful if a bit odd lol. Same as you - sometimes perfect, next time not so much. Even with my fancy microwave chook shaped boil the egg gadget results can vary.

Chef_sampa, Jul 8, 7:36 am

Step one. Place room temperature eggs in cold water, make sure they are covered. Bring to the boil and boil on high for one minute with the lid on. Switch the heat off. Leave for 13 minutes exactly. Drain the hot water. Run under cold water. Take a mason jar half filled with water. Place one cooked egg in jar with water. Shake a few times and shell will start to come off. Works a treat every time.

Chef_minny21, Apr 2, 9:03 pm

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