Yum smoothies

what is your fv smoothie

Chef_shellz596, Jul 7, 2:13 pm

Berries, Greek yoghurt, orange juice.

Chef_samanya, Jul 7, 3:08 pm

This is going to probably sound gross to some people but it actually taste yum I have
coconut milk
Ceylon cinnamon
Ground linseed
Lemon juice
Grated fresh ginger
Frozen mango and frozen berries
Turmeric paste (made with turmeric, coconut oil & pepper)
Chia seeds

Chef_nilaveli, Jul 7, 5:38 pm

From Heart Foundation, banana (I freeze mine), peanut butter, LSA and lite Greek yoghurt.

Chef_wildflower, Jul 7, 7:21 pm

Nilaveli, that sound gross but you don't know till you try, where do I find kefir and macca, plus what is it, this is interesting would like to try

Chef_shellz596, Jul 7, 11:27 pm

Well wildflower, banana and peanut butter sounds wears never mind the yoghurt to, will try this one to, and i will let you know what I think, I will tye both but need to see what is kefir first, thanks

Chef_shellz596, Jul 7, 11:35 pm

You can make your own kefir, I do, you can get starter kits off here or you can get it at the supermarket in the yoghurt section http://authoritynutrition.com/9-health-benefits-of-kefir/ and this is some info on Maca powder you can get it at a lot of supermarkets in the health section or at a health store. http://www.naturodoc.com/library/nutrition/maca.htm

Chef_nilaveli, Jul 8, 12:27 am

thank you nilaveli, that's very helpful, going to find them tonight I hop

Chef_shellz596, Apr 1, 1:16 pm

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