Large bag of Chicken Soup Bones.

Anyone know of a good way to cook them up for soup without getting small bones through it? I normally use bacon bones.

Chef_catz21, May 7, 1:42 pm

Boil them up on their own and strain when cooked, then make your soup

Chef_rainrain1, May 7, 2:03 pm

As rain suggested, make the stock first by adding carrot, celery,onion, bay leaves and seasoning, water to the bones, cooking up, strain and make your soup with the stock.

Chef_nauru, May 7, 7:21 pm

boil up the bones only then remove the meat while hot and toss the bones in the rubbish do not give to the dog they can kill it . then add your veg makes a good meaty soup .

Chef_whitehead., May 7, 8:42 pm

Chuck them all in a large saucepan with water, carrots,celery,onion and seasonings, even the veg peelings, couple bay leaves few peppercorns and simmer to make stock. When done strain stock discard vegs, bones save meat if any cool put in fridge over night and skim any fat off if any next day and use for soup.

Chef_fifie, May 7, 10:47 pm

Thanks all for your wonderful ideas. Just boiled up the bones (more like carcasses) heaps of meat on them. Chopped up and in the fridge. Stock will be strained off tomorrow and veg added along with the meat. :)

Chef_catz21, May 8, 9:33 pm

That's what I am doing today making Avgolemono Soup (Greek chicken rice lemon soup) with two huge chicken carcasses, and a few veges that is an old family staple., May 9, 8:28 am

You will find that you will get a bit of chicken fat on top as it sets-I keep this in a small covered bowl in the fridge to make great roast potatoes

Chef_mkbooks, Aug 15, 5:04 am

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