Mallowpuff Christmas puddings & Strawberry Santas

bluecat1529, Dec 14, 2:43am
I know these two things and I make them and put on my Nibbles platters each Christmas. I always get to make the nibbles as my part of Christmas dinner and I'd like any other ideas that you may have?

slaintewesties, Dec 14, 5:14am
Rudolph truffles, xmas tree brownies and marshmallow snowmen they are the latest issue of recipes+ in the supermarket at the moment on page 27. I have used the brownie idea today just used a different recipe

nadineb, Dec 17, 9:31am
I seen a few pictures of the Candy Cane Sleighs with the Chocolate Santas or what be pretty on a plater would be a small After Dinner Mint /Roses Chocolate Christmas Tree.

mamabecs, Apr 1, 1:13am
I recently made my friend's 40th birthday cake with decorations consisting of Sante bars and Anthon Berg spirit bottle chocolates. I suppose you could glue the chocolates to anything flat that looked effective. I just used a tiny bit of melted chocolate.

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