Need recipes to use up Vodka at my husbands 80th birthday

Chef_heathermay1, Apr 3, 7:35 pm

the famous vodka jelly - my friends 80 year old mum loved them!

Chef_murfee, Apr 3, 9:26 pm

Goggle Jamie Oliver vodka watermelon.

Hic, have fun. :)

Chef_sampa, Apr 3, 9:31 pm

vodka, lime and lemonade

Chef_rainrain1, Apr 4, 8:03 am

You can make other drinks less potent from it. Kahlua come to mind. Funny I have just been given a giant bottle and am going to make Kahlua from it.

Chef_anne1955, Apr 4, 9:27 am

What's wrong with just drinking it? Make cocktails or just serve with tonic and lime .

Chef_sarahb5, Apr 4, 5:50 pm

jelly shots with bit of fruit in them that has soaked in booze overnight.
or gummy bears soaked overnight are good for parties.

Chef_dn_filly, Apr 5, 1:31 pm

Mars Vodka . decant off 1/3 of bottle of vodka, cut up 6 mars bars and poke into bottle, then top up the bottle with vodka and keep bottle in a warm place (ie, hot water cupboard) for about 3 months, shaking the bottle regularly, until it makes thick chocolate Mars liqueur . YUM ! (Don't use Moro bars, they don't work as well). Or make Limoncello liqueur - equally delicious.

Chef_pony_girl, Apr 5, 2:49 pm

My kids would love this!

Chef_rotormotor7, Nov 2, 2:57 pm

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