I've got a soggy bottom.

6 of them actually. I have made 6 potato top pies in a texas muffin tin and 45 mins later the pastry on the bottom and halfway up the sides of the pastry is still soggy. I have moved them to the bottom of the oven and live in hope. Something to be said for baking blind I guess.

Chef_pauline999, Jun 23, 7:27 pm

Hmmmm, silly question probably however your oven isn't on grill, is it? I have done this before.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 23, 7:29 pm

I have just gone and double checked and no, not then grill function although the tops of the pies are a lovely golden brown and crispy.

Chef_pauline999, Jun 23, 7:36 pm

I never blind bake meat pies - you didn't put the meat mixture in hot? Your bottom element is working? Thinking thinking thinking.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 23, 7:39 pm

Meat mixture was made last night and kept in the fridge until I filled the pastry cases. Mashed potato topping was still warm but I don't think that would have affected the pies. Have tried an extra 10 mins with just the bottom element on and they are getting there ! Almost an hour for 6 pies - sheesh !

Chef_pauline999, Jun 23, 7:53 pm

I wonder if the cold filling affected the pastry. I have never used meat from the fridge it has always been cool as in cooled after cooking not refrigerated. A better cook than I may have some answers. *Runs off to google*

Chef_awoftam, Jun 23, 7:58 pm

ALWAYS put your oven tray in when you turn on your oven. The hot tray helps to cook the pastry on the bottom. Also your filling needs to be cold. And potato slows cooking too, like meringue does when you make Baked Alaska dessert.

Chef_crazynana, May 5, 5:46 am

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