Savouries for a Supper

I have to make sandwiches and savouries for a supper. I'm fine with the sandwiches. Just wondered if anyone had something interesting and different I can make in the savoury line.

Chef_petmacorpltd, Jun 22, 1:25 pm

Spicy prawn skewers Marinate 150g cooked prawns in zest and juice 1 lime, 1 tbsp soy sauce, ½ finely chopped chilli, 2 tsp grated fresh root ginger and 1 tsp clear honey for 20 mins-1 hr. To serve, lay each prawn on a baby spinach leaf and thread a cocktail stick through (makes 28).

Stuffed prosciutto balls Mash 100g feta with ½ finely chopped chilli, 2 tsp chopped mint and zest and juice ¼ lemon. Roll into 24 small balls. Quarter 6 prosciutto slices lengthways, then wrap each prosciutto strip around a feta ball (makes 24).

Festive crackers Take 20 small crackers or 20 homemade crostini. Spread 1 tsp red pesto onto each cracker, top each with a piece of mozzarella from a 125g ball and garnish with basil leaves (makes 20).

Curried chicken poppadums Arrange a 75g tub mini poppadums on a plate and slice 85g cooked chicken so there’s 1 piece per poppadum. Mix together ½ tsp curry powder, 100ml crème fraîche and zest ½ lemon, put 1 tsp in each poppadum with ½ tsp mango chutney, then finish with a slice of chicken and some chopped coriander. Best assembled just before serving so the poppadums stay crisp (makes 20).

Chef_lythande1, Jun 22, 3:18 pm

mini frittaras

Chef_slimgym, Jun 23, 7:13 am

Mix a pot of cream cheese with the juice of a lemon and 2dtsp honey whole grain mustard. Pipe swirls onto blinis and top with pieces of hot smoked salmon and a caper.

Chef_rarogal, Jun 26, 11:29 am

A couple of cracker recipes for you OP
Plain Crackers
2cups flour 90gms butter or shortening
½ tsp baking powder ½ cup cold water (more or less)
salt for sprinkling
Preheat oven to 200ºC. Lightly grease 2 oven trays. Blend flour and butter until resembles breadcrumbs (by hand or in processor) Add baking powder and just enough water to make a pliable dough. Roll out to a large rectangle, not too thick or the cracker will not be crisp. Sprinkle dough with salt and rub in. Cut into rounds and prick several times with a fork. Place on tray and bake for ten minutes until golden brown.

Aunt Daisy’s Cream Crackers
Rub 2oz butter into 8 oz flour and ¼ tsp salt. Mix with 1Tbsp Cream & water to make mixture which can be rolled out thinly. Cut into oblongs, prick & bake in moderate oven.

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