Basil Pesto

Has anyone made it bought little pottle at supermarket and it is expensive is it just basil leaves and oil minced to a paste

Chef_sticky232, May 9, 1:59 pm

Basil, pine nuts, olive oil and parmassen cheese.

ETA: ohhh and garlic if you are a garlic lover too.

Chef_kirmag, May 9, 2:04 pm

I make mine all the time, but use parsley as basil is normally pretty pricey and parsley grows like a weed around here.
I put in about a cup or more of parsley, stalks and all, some spinach or kale, a handful of nuts (pinenuts or walnuts or cashew), two big bulbs of garlic, a handful of parmesan (no other cheese will do), and about 1/3 cup olive oil. Then rock salt and pepper.
I live on this, it goes in everything and I swear thats why we dont get sick, parsley is great like that!
Dont be too precious about quantities, loosen it up with more oil if too 'chunky'. Enjoy!

Chef_geminisis, May 9, 7:03 pm

Make it, it's way cheaper and so much better than shop bought. I use walnuts/cashews instead of pinenuts, just my preference. Last batch I made I used half basil, half rocket leaves, also added some parsley, it was so good.

Chef_nauru, May 9, 7:11 pm

I use sunflower seeds as nuts, cheap as.

Chef_lilyfield, May 9, 8:38 pm

I always make when in season but use cashews instead of pinenuts as they are too expensive for me, I started off using an Alison Holst recipe and just adapted it to suit.

Chef_joybells2, May 11, 6:44 am

Yep. You don't have to use basil exclusively. I have a ton of kale and rocket so make a pesto out of a combination of kale, rocket and basil.

Edited to add - also toasted pine nuts, pumpkin seeds (sometimes), parmesan cheese, salt and EV olive oil.

Chef_buzzy110, Aug 11, 5:03 am

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