Stand up mixers

Hi everyone. I bought a stand up mixer, it was a deal on Grab One.

I was just reading some other posts on here just now, and there was mention of 'scrape mixers'. Obviously mine is not that, as the two times I've used it, all the mix just goes up the sides and stays there, and doesn't mix basically. So both times I have used it I have ended up mixing by hand. Hopeless and a bit disappointing. Mind you the mix was a half batch so quite small in a big bowl I guess.
Who else has this problem with the non scraping kind.

Chef_kabbo, Aug 4, 1:19 pm

Yes,have found the same when mixing small amounts. I see there is a smaller bowl available, which I'll be off to buy this week. that's if its in feckin stock in our Briscoes!

Chef_wheelz, Aug 4, 3:20 pm

Let my fingers do the walking and our Briscoes has put one aside for me! Yahoo!

Chef_wheelz, Aug 4, 3:40 pm

Oh and I thought we were talking the scrape mixers, which mine is.I should read better, but still, if I'm doing a small amount I still have to scrape down. until I get a new bowl.

Chef_wheelz, Jan 24, 3:20 pm

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