Great bloomin onion demo

Chef_hestia, Jun 8, 12:50 pm

This version is worth trying, the unhealthy deep fried one didn't appeal to me at all. Thanks for the link hestia.

Chef_nauru, Jun 8, 7:16 pm

The fried one appealed to me a lot however I wouldn't cook it lol. An interesting idea!

Hestia - have you made the baked one?

Chef_awoftam, Jun 8, 7:45 pm

I made the dip and it's in the fridge, I can't be bothered doing the onion though. The dip tastes very Americanish, I might have to Kiwi it up a bit somehow

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 8, 10:28 pm

Thanks for the link - I'll try the baked version soon.

Chef_floralsun, Jun 8, 11:43 pm

You're welcome. I saw this on TV and wondered if it could be baked instead of fried and a quick search gave the answer.

Chef_hestia, Jun 9, 11:40 am

No, not yet. It may be one of those recipes that you cut from a magazine or save from a website and you say "one day I will make this".

Chef_hestia, Jun 9, 11:41 am

Ha ha I have a box of those.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 9, 4:43 pm

Thanks for the link Hestia - I'll make these tomorrow.

Chef_floralsun, Jul 5, 8:20 pm

Some know it from tv as an awesome blossom. Im dying to trythis since its a cheap appetizer to serve.

Chef_katje, Jul 12, 5:24 pm

Oh wow!
Thanks for that. Always looking for new (to me) ideas.
I'm going to a large family gathering. take your own entree,main,salad, dessert party on Sunday & I'm going to give this one a go . it really appeals to me.
Hope I don't stuff it up.

Chef_samanya, Jul 12, 5:43 pm

Good luck! ;et us know how it turns out Im very curous its going to be a few days before I can get through flooded roads to get me a few large onions

Chef_katje, Jul 12, 6:38 pm

I will let you know & stay safe.
I live with that weather stuff too.
About 5 mins away from supermarket/township but the bridge is dicey & being rebuilt . so if it rains we get to go 'the long way around'. But hey, I wouldn't live anywhere else.

Chef_samanya, Jul 12, 7:19 pm

Did it work? sorry Im dying to know :)

Chef_katje, Jul 14, 6:47 pm

Adding a note - meant to post before now.
Baked these for the pot-luck lunch, sliced them crosswise in thin slices, placed in a deep casserole dish filled with cold water, lid on, and in fridge overnight. They opened out beautifully without any opening needed to be done by hand.

About 45 minutes before needed, drained well in a colander, upside down, while mixing crumbs.
Placed them on baking paper lined dish, drizzled lightly beaten egg over them, used wholemeal crumbs mixed with a little salt and some cumin and curry powder's, sprinkled this mix over the onions, opening them out slightly with a fork so the mix went down into the layers. Covered loosely with foil.
Baked 30 minutes at 180C with foil over, then about 10 minutes with foil off, until tender, and the tips slightly blackened.
We served them as a finger food with a creamy feta and cream cheese dip another person had brought - sooo delicious and they were the first dish of goodies that was empty. A definite make again dish and highly recommended.

Chef_floralsun, Feb 18, 5:06 am

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