Pea soup

I make this in the pressure cooker but it seems to lack something:
Split Pea Soup Ingredients
6-8 US
400g dried split peas
8 cups water [2 Liters]
1 small ham bone or 1 lb ham, chunks
1 onion, diced
2 carrots, diced
2 celery ribs, diced
1 1⁄2 teaspoons dried thyme
sherry wine (optional)
1. Fill pressure cooker with water and other ingredients, except Sherry.
2. Make sure the pot is no more than half full.
3. Put lid on cooker, place rocker (if model has one) on vent pipe and bring to high pressure.
4. When at correct pressure start timing for 20 min.
5. Let cooker release steam naturally.
6. If using a pork bone, remove and pull all meat off and add to soup.
7. Adjust salt to suit your taste at this point.
8. Serve with a splash of Sherry if you wish.
I used venison neck chops. No sherry (don't have any).

Chef_jh34, Jun 25, 8:31 am

If you subbed venison for ham you may need to carefully consider whether the 'saltiness' level is correct. I've always used a bacon hock, waiting till the soup cools a bit then shredding the meat to add back in. Even then I'll still often add extra seasoning by way of salt and pepper (you used to be able to buy pork stock powder - maggi range - which was great but has been discontinued. Maybe you could try cooking some bacon, dicing it up and adding it for a flavour boost?

Chef_sampa, Jun 25, 8:48 am

It is a little while since I last looked but Bin Inn did stock Bacon Stock powder - worth considering instead of the "pork stock powder"? :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 25, 10:08 am

Funny 245sam. yeah, yeah I meant Bacon Stock Powder. apparently brain was in freeze mode along with my fingers at that stage. ;-)

Thanks, will check it out at some point.

Chef_sampa, Jun 25, 10:13 am

Try more onion and add mint instead of thyme - we like it better than the usual parsley! And I don't think venison has enough flavour to make soup - better as a stew. Good luck!

Chef_trish, Jun 25, 2:52 pm

I wondered why there was no salt in the recipe.
I just happened to have the venison in the freezer. I'll buya ham or bacon bone next time.

Chef_jh34, Jun 25, 6:17 pm

i make split pea soup and use just a chicken stock cube or a vege one, and its yum, so long as you have fat, seasoning, vege: carrot/celery/onion and herbs you should be set

Chef_motorbo, May 2, 10:58 pm

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