Freezer Meal ideas needed please

Hi, My sister is going thru a hard time at the moment, and I want to take her some frozen meals when I go down to visit next month. I am going to make chilli con carne, beef stroganoff, chicken casserole, a few sweet things, like shortbread. I am going to put them in containers so she can just take out what she likes. Any other ideas?

Chef_paghan, Jun 21, 11:42 am

bacon and egg pie,macaroni cheese, vegetable (or any other)soup, cottage pie, lasagne,.

Chef_fantail8, Jun 21, 11:52 am

Lasagne (make large one & cut into meal size portions), casseroles,Muffins,

Chef_homebay, Jun 21, 12:02 pm

paghan, re sweet treats - most baking freezes well but I have found that unbaked items such as lolly cake, apricot slice, etc. and truffles are not only easy to make but they freeze particularly well for up to at least 3 months. This Caramel Crumble also freezes particularly well:-

This slice is very like Tan Slice but just stirred together with no creaming of the butter and sugar. As its name suggests its topping is more crumbly but personally I like it better - to make and to eat!

Caramel Topping:
½ x 395g can sweetened condensed milk
2 tbsp golden syrup,
¼ cup brown sugar
55g (2oz) butter

Mix all the topping ingredients together in a bowl over hot water for 5 minutes, then allow the mixture to cool slightly.
1½ cups flour.
1 tsp baking powder
115g (½ cup) sugar,
½ tsp vanilla essence,
115g (4oz) melted butter

Place all the dry ingredients in a bowl, then add the vanilla essence and the melted butter and mix to a fairly soft crumbly consistency. Press approximately two thirds-three quarters of this crumbly mixture into a greased sponge roll tin, then spread the caramel topping over. Sprinkle over the remaining crumble mixture.
Bake at 180ºC for 20-30 minutes.
Allow to cool then cut into fingers or squares.

Hope that helps you and all the best to your sister for easier/better times. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 21, 12:44 pm

Roast pork meals always a winner, plus cottage pie,.cornbeef, braised sausages , all freeze well with the usual veges, spuds, pumpkin carrots an parnips etc. And maybe a cheescake cut into portions. Your sister will really appreciate your thoughtful idea.

Chef_dennyr, Jun 21, 1:06 pm

If you are putting the meals into a container, consider cooking an extra meal each evening, and freezing it. Most regular meals will freeze well, and that would have the extra bonus of variety.

Chef_cosimo, Jun 21, 1:09 pm

gosh, what a lovely sister you are! Maybe look at also.

Chef_ruby2shoes, Jun 21, 1:55 pm

Thanks for all your ideas. Right off to start, I will put a soup in the crock pot, and start with mince dishes. :)

Chef_paghan, May 13, 3:20 pm

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