Left over potato

What do you do with left over boiled but not mashed potato for your dinner the next night, any good ideas apart from a fry up, so sick of that

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 4, 5:56 pm

Slice it and use it as a 'lid' on a casserole.
Vege stacks.
Make a quick Potato Dauphinoise

Chef_geldof, Jul 4, 6:25 pm

can make a boston bun

Chef_harrislucinda, Jul 4, 7:00 pm

oh yes boston bun / sally lunn bun great idea! here is a link to a recipe, think i will have to make this myself next time i have left over potato

Chef_gammnz, Jul 4, 8:13 pm

Slice them. Starting with potato, layer in a dish whatever you have in the fridge - I usually use 2 or 3 rashers of bacon (chopped to bite sized pieces) for one layer, sliced courgettes, slice tomatoes, chopped mushrooms, chopped green or red pepper, thinly sliced onion etc. Add salt and pepper to taste. Potato layer on top - cover with grated cheese and oven bake for about 30 mins on 180.

Chef_biggles45, Jul 4, 8:49 pm

Fry up in bacon fat.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 5, 7:23 am

If you don't want to eat it, mash it, stick it in a container and cover with grated cheese wrap in gladwrap and freeze for a night when you just can't be arsed!

Chef_ksr, Jul 5, 8:57 am

Sounds good thanks

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 5, 10:41 am

lol sounds good too

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 5, 10:41 am

Mash it and make either Gnocci or Fritters, those are my go-to recipes

Chef_amazing_grace, Jul 5, 8:45 pm

1) slice, dice or leave potato whole,, put seeded mustard and salt , pepper in cream . give it a good mix,, pour over potato,, put lots of grated cheese over potato and bake,, sometimes i add sliced onions

Chef_aktow, Jul 6, 12:41 am

panko crumbed potato croquettes

2) mash up potato,, add diced onions, chopped parsley, diced ham, grated cheese , mix by hand and roll in small balls. slightly flatten, place in frig,,

get a bowl of flour, a bowl of egg milk mixture,, that is one egg beaten in milk, a bowl of panko crumbs with seasoning, (salt pepper),

1) dip potato flatten ball in flour, then egg mixture and then in panko crumbs. when all potato have been crumbed, place back in frig till needed
2) add oil in fry pan, add potato and cook on all sides

Chef_aktow, Jul 6, 12:52 am

Liking these :-)

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 6, 8:44 am

Or mash and add an egg yolk. Pipe into shapes and freeze all ready to bake for your next dinner party.

Chef_punkinthefirst, Jul 8, 2:24 pm

Easy way - Roughly chop the taties and spread in a greased shallow baking dish. Cover with heaps of grated cheese and bake in oven until cheese melted and golden. Some of the cheese gets delicious and crunchy.

Chef_tessie2, Jul 8, 11:54 pm

Frittata? Slice, layer in baking dish with other vege (thinking peppers, zucchini etc) and pour over egg and a dash of milk. Bake until set and serve in wedges.

Chef_v-tec-chickie, Jul 9, 12:44 am

Slice them and use them to make a lasgne ie. use in place of the pasta. Nice variation

Chef_diy-bloke, Jul 15, 9:15 pm

My hubby like cold potato sandwiches for his lunch at work when theres any left over. I often spread the bread with a little salad dressing (the good old condensed milk one!) and slice potato onto that to make a sandwich. It tastes like the potato salad we once used to make with condensed milk dressing years ago. He likes it anyway! You could also use relish, onion jam etc.

Chef_nzhel, Jul 16, 5:43 pm

Ha ha, I have put on plenty of extra spuds for tea tonight. I need to try some of these

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 16, 6:14 pm

add a tin of salmon and make fish cakes with mashed spud

Chef_nannahall1, Jul 16, 8:02 pm

Has any one made the boston bun looks good .Did it taste like a real Boston Bun

Chef_fat-like-me, Jul 16, 8:05 pm

comfort food .

Chef_bev00, Jul 17, 12:24 am

Use them as a base for a type of frittata. I often do this plus it's a good way of recycling other left over veg or using up bits and pieces like that half a capsicum in the fridge that isn't going to last much longer etc.

Same idea - different take - make a quiche either with a base or with the type of base that forms as it cooks (self crusting varieties) or simply as part of an oven omelet to add bulk for those you might be feeding that don't believe that eggs + veggies without carbs of some sort are 'real food'.

I'm sure my MIL used to have a recipe for some sort of loaf (sweet I think) using left over tatties (she grew up during WWII, spending time in Sri Lanka, Ceylon back then, and then South Africa prior to evacuating to the UK with all the rationing and food shortages etc that they faced at the time so food was not for wasting - ever - no matter how humble). Perhaps there is something online using spuds for loaves, either sweet or savoury, that might be useful.

I've been known to mash them, cook leeks with butter and chicken stock and then mix them together and thin to (thick) soup consistency which hubby really loved (could have been the non traditional layer of cheese I added on top which made it less 'soup like') but, regardless, it all got eaten. :)

I think you can make dumplings from them to add to stews and casseroles towards the end and potato cakes are yum - just roughly mash and add flour, baking powder and milk (think scone dough mix) and whatever seasonings you like - garlic salt, herbs, pepper etc - you can thrown in some finely chopped veg (I often add spring onions) if you want. Pat into small rounds and fry. Once you make the mix 'wet' (not too wet, you need to be able to form it into small cakes) you can't leave it to sit. it will go glue like and be impossible to work with. These are great either hot as part of a meal or cold for lunches the next day.

Chef_sampa, Jul 17, 8:45 am

Worlds quickest potato salad.

Leftover boiled potatoes.
Maggi onion soup mix.
Can reduced cream.

Make the onion dip. Treat it as the dressing for potato salad.
Really good with roast beef.

Then anything you add is a special extra. Chopped spring onions, diced capsicum, parsley.
I have even add three drops of liquid smoke to the onion dip (NO MORE or its too strong) for more flavour.

Chef_fey, Mar 8, 4:59 am

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