Ninja Bullet

My d-i-l is sick and finding it hard to eat properly so I want to buy her one of these blenders - Query which is east Ninja900 or the Ninja 1000 IQ. I don't want to listen to the sales people - naturally they will try and sell me the dearer one. Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated

Chef_tigger250, May 3, 9:58 am

Bumping - any advice welcome

Chef_tigger250, May 3, 3:50 pm

My daughter has the Nutri ninja 900 but wishes she had waited for the 1000 IQ as the 900 has to be held down while blending whereas the iq you can set and leave while it gets on with it. Would like that one myself. I have an old magic bullet i use and would suggest she may like to use a straw to drink her smoothie especially if its a bit thick and she is unwell.

Chef_eljayv, May 3, 5:17 pm

I suggest you buy the nutribullet as I believe it to be far superior to any of the others. It will blend in nuts as well as ice. We love ours.

Chef_melford, May 3, 7:04 pm

Hi Tigger250: I posted a question on here on 12 April, re Nutri Ninja verses NutriBullet and received some very helpful responses. I have 'bumped' the thread for you. Cheers, Jetxr8

Chef_jetxr8, May 3, 8:30 pm

Thanks all

Chef_tigger250, Aug 27, 9:45 pm

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