Can I freeze the orange after it is cooked and whizzed when making orange cake?

Chef_imrae1, May 8, 4:41 pm

Cooked and whizzed with what? I am not sure I understand your question. Are you talking about the cake, or the mix that goes into the cake?

Chef_awoftam, May 8, 6:55 pm

Are you talking about the Mediterranean Orange Cake that includes whole boiled oranges? If so, yes you can freeze the boiled pulp then thaw later for the cake.

Chef_davidt4, May 8, 9:04 pm

Thank you. I should have done this last
year with so much fruit on the ground

Chef_imrae1, May 8, 9:19 pm

Ohhh that sounds awesome. Will look up recipe.

Chef_awoftam, May 8, 9:41 pm

Here you are.

Mediterranean Orange Cake (2 days)
23cm tin

3 oranges – cut off tops and bottoms, simmer 2 hours, drain, puree. Cover and chill several hours or overnight
15g baking powder
310g ground almonds
8 eggs
310g caster sugar
flaked almonds

Grease and line tin. Heat oven to 170 C.
Mix baking powder & almonds together.
Mix eggs & sugar together until just combined. Do not beat.
Measure 375g of orange puree, add to eggs along with almond mixture.
Mix gently until well combined. Pour into tin and scatter with flaked almonds.
Bake 70 - 80 min. Cool overnight in tin.

Chef_davidt4, May 9, 10:13 am

Thank you so much, davidt4. Am going to make this tomorrow.

Chef_awoftam, May 9, 4:00 pm

That recipe sounds scrummy . thanks davidt4. saved.

Chef_samanya, May 9, 4:41 pm

yes, i do it all the time. its for my gluten free orange cake. Always boil the oranges, drain and robot coupe the puree and store in the freezer till needed

Chef_deus701, Aug 14, 3:12 pm

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