Self saucing pudding Qustion

Have found some yummy recipes on here that I want to try. When making a self saucing puding ahead of time. Would it be ok to make and then reheat later at all.Wasnt sure if the sauce would dry out at all. TIA Carol

Chef_carol113, May 10, 7:58 am

I've found that left-over self-saucing puddings re-absorb most of their sauce. so not as satisfactory as fresh out of the oven/slow cooker.

Chef_mjhdeal, May 10, 8:02 am

Agree with mjhdeal. About re absorption

If I want to make ahead, (a couple of hours)' I make the mixture, then sprinkle the topping.
When ready to cook, add boiling water an put in oven

Chef_duckmoon, May 10, 8:44 am

Have done this successfully and also made ahead but with double amount if sauce and that worked too

Chef_sarahb5, Aug 8, 6:11 am

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