Oxtails stew - I'm looking for a recipe which

doesn't involve using the oven. I'm sure my Mum prepared and cooked hers as a stew on the top of the range. Using a recipe for 'casserole' would it be ok to ignore the oven and just slow cook it in a pot on the range?

Chef_elsielaurie1, May 3, 2:09 pm

as long as you keep an eye on it as you can boil all the water away and burn your stew . i rather do it in the oven

Chef_whitehead., May 3, 2:21 pm

Do you have a slow cooker/crockpot?

Chef_rebecca18, May 3, 5:20 pm

Just boil in a pot with chopped carrot and onion, salt and pepper, till cooked. Leave till cold so you can lift off the fat. I take out the bones to reheat and thicken with flour and water. Put bones back in to heat through I like chopped parsley in mine

Chef_rainrain1, May 3, 5:37 pm

Thank you. Reads just like my Mum used to do. Although I do remember her browning the meat and the onions. And yes, I take out the bones as well. Yummy. I'm picking up 2 pre-ordered on Monday.

Chef_elsielaurie1, May 3, 8:09 pm

Yea, I never brown the bones, it still tastes delicious. usually you need to cut fat off the tail bones before you cook it

Chef_rainrain1, May 3, 8:27 pm

Don't boil it - simmer it in the pot.
Second, better made the day before and left too cool - then you can skim off that really thick layer of yellow fat you get.
Then reheat.

Chef_lythande1, May 4, 7:23 am

I use a tin of stout instead of water. Makes for a very rich, super tasty dish. Your can 'stretch' the oxtails as well by using a small amount of gravy beef.

Personally I brown my meat. The bones and marrow taste better imo. I also saute the vegetables to bring out the sugars. This gives an opportunity to deglaze the browning pot so that the gravy will be a rich shade of brown as well.

Chef_buzzy110, May 4, 12:36 pm

Sounds delicous. where did/do you buy your 'tin of stout'. I'm considering using a 147ml bottle of red wine.

Chef_elsielaurie1, May 4, 1:32 pm

Must admit browning and adding beer or stout would be delicious, I do that when I have time. There's a tail in the freezer right now, so will make time, this time. No matter who gets the beast, we always grab the tail :-)

Chef_rainrain1, May 4, 3:26 pm

Buzzy is on to it, brown meat, saute veg and de glaze pan with stout then all into the cooker makes a beautiful oxtail stew. For making a beef stew a can of beer used to de glaze pan is good to for a nice rich stew.

Chef_fifie, May 4, 6:00 pm

I bought ½doz tins. I use one as I need it and the rest just sit in my beer fridge until needed. However, I think PnS sells stout by the can.

Chef_buzzy110, Aug 25, 7:02 am

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