Good morning. Can someone please tell me which brand of flour to buy to make home made bread. (Not in a bread maker) Thanks.

Chef_chris313, Jun 25, 9:52 am

Brand doesn't matter. But you need strong four. so not plain or self raising, but high grade.

Chef_lythande1, Jun 25, 12:01 pm

high grade its the gluton in the floue that makes good bread

Chef_whitehead., Jun 25, 8:25 pm

I use Homebrand high grade

Chef_sarahb5, Jun 26, 12:10 am

I've been using Pams high grade for many years.

Chef_kaddiew, Jun 26, 8:11 am

Brand doesn't matter, your should really look for higher protein (gluten). So far I couldn't find higher protein than Strong Bakers Flour Beta made by Champion. It is milled from hard wheat. Before that I was using high grade flour from supermarkets and I find that Strong flour produces better results. It is sold in 20kg bags in Gilmours. I mainly bake sourdough bread with home milled flour (rye, wheat, barley etc.) and only use Strong flour for bagels and white bread, not much. Every time I am trying to find someone to split the 20kg. But for now I still have some flour left for some time.

Chef_lenart, May 2, 5:09 am

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