Kenwood a701 just got new grease

And wow so quiet. Hasn't been used for possibly 40 years but its all good.

Chef_firefly001, Apr 25, 7:47 pm

They are a great machine aren't they, and I think, much better than the more modern models? I have my MIL's which she bought in the early 60's and it's still going strong, got quite a few of the attachments too. I don't use it as much as I used to (now there is only two of us) but I wouldn't part with it.

Chef_nauru, Apr 25, 11:49 pm

They sure are. I have the liquidiser and this other thing that could be a shredder or juicer but I can't see anything on Google. We may go back and have a look for some other bits in the house. I guess I dont need that cos I have a blender.

Chef_firefly001, Apr 26, 7:13 am

Morgan Electrical in Whangarei fixes them and he has had one sent over from Spain to be repaired and from around the country
He is a lovely old guy who has all the parts for any model so worth noting and he had a couple of old models that were in mint condition for sale

Chef_griffo4, Apr 26, 9:26 am

Mrs B here, stil using my Mum's original Sunbeam from the late 50's. And yes, about the only thing they need is a good oil and gease occasionally.

Chef_brightlights60, Apr 26, 11:49 am

Found this for shredder slicer, link below. Is it the same as you have, my SIL has that one, I don't as have a processor. I have the liquidiser, juicer, mincer & sausage maker for mine.

Chef_nauru, Apr 26, 9:38 pm

No link Nauru. Mine has a little adapter for the high speed drive and it sits on that. We got it from hubbys grandads house which hasnt been lived in fir 15 years and now his uncle is selling the farm. But any ways we can go back and raid the house again as the farm sale has fallen through.

Chef_firefly001, Sep 13, 2:16 pm

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