Tomato microwave

I have quite a lot of tomatoes I need to use now as they are getting near there use by date. I will need to freeze some of what I make. I have made relish.Thank you for any easy recipes.

Chef_walker18, May 3, 11:11 am

Pasta sauce, freezes well and you can use it for heaps over winter like spag bol, pasta, mince dishes, meatballs, etc.

Chef_fifie, May 3, 11:37 am

Have you got a recipe please

Chef_walker18, May 3, 11:38 am

About 109,000,000 results (0.39 seconds)

Chef_pickles7, May 3, 12:27 pm

Just freeze the tomatoes to make relish, pasta sauce etc out of at a later date.

Chef_kirmag, May 3, 2:32 pm

Thank You i will freeze them as i don't seem to be able to get all those 1o9 plus recipes as I am old and not very good at looking for recpes with google

Chef_walker18, May 3, 4:59 pm

I just freeze them whole in bags and pull out what I need when I need it. They go mushy so no good for using as raw tomatoes but good for cooking.

Chef_kirmag, May 3, 5:09 pm

Mrs B here. I chop up tomatoes with onions (around 4/5 tomatoes to 1/5 onion) in layers in a pot with a bit of basil and a dash of water. Bring to the boil, boil around 5 minutes, just to soften, then put through a moulie. When you use a moulie (food mill) you remove all the skins and most of the seeds, retaining the sweet tomato taste. If you use a blender, it grinds the seeds and skin, giving a bitter taste and you lose the nice red colour of the sauce. I freeze this in containers, use it with chicken stock in winter for tomato soup, thickened to use for spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce. We make around 50L of this every Autumn.

Chef_brightlights60, Aug 21, 10:45 pm

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