Does anyone know how to roast beef

A rolled roast is made of what gets cut off the ribs, basically brisket etc.
So yes it would have a good amount of gristle and fat.
Mine is home kill and it is cooked in the crock pot nowadays. Always a winner.

Chef_uli, Jul 26, 8:03 pm

I couldn't agree more. I buy schnitzel & they seem to cut it 'with' the grain, not across it & have to hunt to get a piece of cut as it should be . across the grain.

Chef_samanya, Jul 26, 8:36 pm

I can vouch for the method described below. Comes out perfect if you follow the instructions:

Chef_pinballwizard, Jul 26, 10:01 pm

Hi does anyone have any suggestions for roasting beef, every time I have tried to roast it and even in a low oven it turns out tough and chewy. can anyone advise thanks much appreciated

Chef_johvri, Jul 27, 8:05 am

550°F degrees - that is 290 degrees C - most household ovens wouldn't go there I guess. How high do you get your oven to heat up pinballwizard?

Chef_uli, Jul 27, 9:16 am

Depends on what cut you use, if it is a rolled piece you are better off doing it as pot roast, always nice and juicy with gravy to boost.

Most likely you have overdone the timing. 20 min per pound, plus standing time, also frequent basting while roasting, or use a roasting bag.

Chef_lilyfield, Jul 27, 10:27 am

Beef seems to be quite an easy meat to roast. But something I have found with any roast is the bigger the better so if you are a small family or a couple buy a roast that will do for 2 or even 3 meals and make plenty of gravy. Also another tip is rest well (cover with tinfoil if necessary for the resting time) then slice thinly across the grain if your carving knife isn't up to the job then get another or have it properly sharpened.

Chef_beaker59, Jul 27, 1:34 pm

Do you have a slow cooker? I coat mine with salt & cracked pepper, don't need to add any water & allow to cook on slow for most of the day. I find it is lovely & moist.

Chef_macandrosie, Jul 27, 1:38 pm

Have you tried oven bags? I like them because they keep the oven clean, but of course they also keep the meat moist etc. For meat that I expect to be quite tough (eg older beast, or been in the freezer a while), I soak in a little bit of red wine overnight, this can be done in a plastic bag, turned over occasionally.

Chef_jill117, Jul 27, 1:47 pm

Good question Uli. I have a Westinghouse Saturn freestanding oven and the max. temperature reads 250 degrees but I'm thinking it must be a bit hotter than 250 once the oven says it has reached that temperature. Even allowing for this I've found the roasting method I posted earlier still works.

Chef_pinballwizard, Jul 27, 2:26 pm

I have a separate (actually 2 sepaerate) oven thermometers, so I will see how high mine gets. I do pizzas in mine (not as fast as in my outdoor oven which I can easily up to 400 degrees C when they take less than 5 minutes, turned twice) but still fairly good pizzas in about 15 minutes.

It seemed a very short time (what was it 5 minutes per pound?) but then if the oven is that hot and you do leave it to "stew" in there it must be doing something.

Will see when I do my next home kill how it works - so watch this space (maybe for another year depending on how fast the steer grows) .

Chef_uli, Jul 27, 4:55 pm

What cut are you using? Only top quality cuts with good marbelling should be roasted, really. and rare. These days, the butchers remove the best part of the rib roast and sell it as scotch fillet steak, but what's left can be tender and tasty if braised or pot-roasted - as can a well-trimmed piece of brisket.
Check out NZ Beef and Lamb's website for a list of cuts and how to cook them.

Chef_punkinthefirst, Jul 27, 9:37 pm

Yes the cut is definitely what makes the difference and don't over complicate things either - I roast bolar and it is always tasty - 20 minutes per 450g plus an extra 20 mins @ 220. Rub oil into the fat side, put it in the tin and grind some pepper over the top - do not salt your meat because it draws out the moisture.

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 28, 10:03 am

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 28, 10:50 am

I made a tough chewy one tonight. Was underdone after 1 3/4 hours and I got told off for not cutting it to test it. I let it stand avoiding any cuts which might let out the juices. I thought it would cook longer while resting. Anyhow the quality must not be good and yes I would try a pot roast for longer next time.

Chef_wendalls, Jul 28, 9:01 pm

Must've been a big piece or too low a heat to not be cooked after that length of time - what cut was it? How you carve it also makes a difference - need to cut across the grain so only chewing on short fibres if you get my meaning

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 28, 10:15 pm

I think people try too hard when it comes to a roast, it sounds like it needs to be cooked for longer, forget about the blood bit, cook it properly and enjoy it with horseradish cream, gravy and your favourite veg

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 29, 8:43 am

It really depends how you like your meat cooked - I like my roast beef still pink in the middle served with mustard, and the hot oven is needed to make the Yorkshires rise properly as well. With lamb I like it cooked long and slow so that it falls apart.

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 29, 1:09 pm

I prefer my visual blood on a good piece of fillet steak, cuts like butter and melts in the mouth

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 29, 2:03 pm

And that's how my roast beef is too

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 29, 2:15 pm

Jolly good show

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 29, 2:31 pm

Not really - just years of practice - maybe it's in the English genes though I had trouble when I first got here as meat cuts are different in NZ

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 29, 3:18 pm

The cuts are very different now from what they used to be, even to us kiwis. We are growers, and I still have to google to find out if e.g., a bolar roast is the same as a piece of pocket steak as we always used to call it. I never seem to get a bolar roast now, I don't know what my butchers do with that cut these days, they probably murder a good piece of meat before it gets to my freezer

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 29, 3:30 pm

I have a rolled beef in the oven now, its in an oven bag with about a cup of red wine, few cloves of garlic and some cracked pepper. I will be roasting it very slowly on 150d for about 4 - 5 hours. never fails when slow cooked and oven bag keeps the moisture in it.

Chef_xtownie, Jul 29, 3:36 pm

Rolled beef is delicious and preferable to us than bolar. I always think it is such a stupid name for a piece of meat

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 29, 3:42 pm

Thats funny because whenever I've tried rolled beef its been mostly gristle, a stick and very little meat worth eating - I guess it depends where you buy but I get bolar roast from Countdown. Beef is my roast of choice because there's no waste.

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 29, 6:12 pm

We are farming so ours is home kill which is often a lot nicer than store bought. Just had tea and it was divine, could have carved it with a wooden spoon it was so lovely and tender. I cooked it for a total of 4 hours.

Chef_xtownie, Jul 29, 7:18 pm

You are right, that is funny

Chef_rainrain1, Feb 11, 6:15 am

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