Quince jam / jelly recipe

Mum has given us a bag of quinces (about 8?) and we are thinking about making Quince jam / jelly.
Mum said to cook the quinces, let them cool and cook again - We've not cooked quinces before
Anyone got any good Quince recipes?

Chef_muffin2, Mar 24, 2:02 pm

To make Jelly,
boil covered with water till soft and mushy,
use the potato masher then let them come to the boil again,
strain the liquid off over night through a muslin bag or similar,
measure the liquid and bring to the boil again
Add equal quantitiy of sugar stir in thoroughly
bring back to the boil and rolling boilt till sets.
test on a cold saucer with a few drops of the liquid if it jells when cold and you push it with your finger it is ready.
BUT I never use as much sugar as the recipe in any jam or jelly I always reduce because it is not good for anyone let alone a diabetic ! who should never ever eat sugar.

Chef_annies3, Mar 24, 2:28 pm

l have been making this and it is very nice
Quince Conserve

4 quinces

5 cups cold water


Wipe quinces and leave whole

Place in a large saucepan with water

Cook until soft

Lift out quinces and reserve juice

When cool, peel, core and chop quinces

Measure fruit and juice together

Allow 1 cup sugar for every 1 cup juice and fruit

Place fruit, juice and sugar in large saucepan, bring to boil, stirring to dissolve sugar

Boil briskly until jam gives setting test, 20 to 30 minutes

Pack and seal

Makes about 5 x 350 ml jars

Chef_griffo4, Mar 24, 2:50 pm

well my wife made the jam last night. she peeled and cut up the quinces and boiled them for about an hour, then used a potato masher and mashed them up before boiling again and adding Jam sugar and cooking for a further 20-30 mins
tastes very nice!

Chef_muffin2, Apr 2, 10:24 am

Lucky you. love quince, either cooked or as a jelly!

Chef_wheelz, Apr 3, 5:18 pm

Muffin - how many quinces did she use to the kilo of jam sugar please?

Chef_ffloss, Apr 4, 8:52 pm

can't find my recipe for last year, need an easy JAM recipe for quinces. not jelly.

Chef_korbo, Apr 27, 2:32 pm

opps, didnt read the above properly. all good.

Chef_korbo, Apr 27, 2:53 pm

I didn't peel mine and it came out yummo

Chef_motorbo, Apr 27, 5:57 pm

yep, have made it. got 8 jam jars, and looks like it has set like a rock. cant wait till the morning to have some on my toast, might even make some scones. lol

Chef_korbo, Apr 27, 8:23 pm

quince jam made last week really nice, but quince relish made today big disaster. made a jeanettes recipe and it was terrible way to thick befor it was cooked, wont make the relish again but jam is sure worth it

Chef_pearlypearl, Sep 1, 7:12 am

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