Baking in mini oven - please help

mschicca, Jul 10, 7:50pm
I burn all my cookies all the time (top bit/middle is good once cooled)

and I burn all cakes and cheesecakes (top is burnt black and inside is runny :( ) we don't have a regular oven and I enjoy baking a lot - always get so discouraged when this happens

Any tips for baking in a mini convection oven?

Any help is appreciated thank you!

cleggyboy, Jul 11, 2:19am
My mini oven does a great job of baking, have you tested the temp to see if it is accurate? Have you got an oven thermometer that you could use to see if the calibrations on the knob are the same as the actual temp?

teddy147, Jul 11, 3:41am
I would try cooking on a lower temp.

bear_zerk, Jul 11, 5:15am
Place a sheet of tin foil over the cookies when half cooked.

tippsey, Jul 11, 9:30am
I find when using my top cook oven I always reduce the temperature. things get over cooked other wise. Lets face it. its is a much smaller oven than a full sized one. I often cook for less time as well.

nauru, Jul 11, 9:57am
As others have said, try reducing the temp. My mini oven bakes everything well but it was a bit trial and error at the beginning. I do bake everything at a reduced temp and for less time compared to using my big oven. They really are a boon, especially for just the two of us and we have saved heaps on the power bill since using it.

virea, Jul 11, 8:30pm
I also use the bottom shelf. Middle one is too close the top element. Good luck

gabbysnana, Mar 20, 11:49pm
the only thing I find its good for is mini roasts and sausage rolls. haven't had a stove for 5 years, come to think of it or a functioning kitchen,case of diy kitchen reno, lol.cook on camp gas canister I ring burner and use the microwave.

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