Curry- how do you take the heat out?

Made a nice chicken curry last night, but got over enthusiastic with the peppers.
How do I lower the initial spice hit?
Otherwise a very nice curry.
Just too many jalapeno peppers.
Was made with coconut cream.
Doesn't burn your throat, just your lips are tingling for 10 minutes after eating it.

Chef_smallwoods, Jul 17, 8:50 am

You need to bulk it out with something. since you have already got coconut cream, add more. Potatoes or lentil or cauliflower could work as well. But it will dilute the other spices too, so I would fry some oil and the other spices you used and add it with the cooked bulking ingredients, to try and keep the balance right.

Chef_thejewellerybox, Jul 17, 9:00 am

Use something bland like small pieces of cauli or choko and maybe some more coconut cream to sop the heat up.

As said above you might need to re-season with the other spices.

Chef_uli, Jul 17, 9:12 am

Use your own judgment on quantity - peel a spud (or 2 or 3, depends how much curry you have left), throw in the pot, reheat curry thoroughly and then remove potatoes and dispose of them. They act as a kind of 'sponge' sucking up some of the heat.

Other tips: Serve curry with lemon or lime wedges (the acid in them helps to cut through the capsaicin - heat provided by chillies). Add some banana slices on the side - will help to neutralist a bit like milk does. Add a dollop of natural yoghurt on top or to the side (you could make this more interesting by making a cucumber-mint Raita (easy - mix together yoghurt, chopped or torn mint and sliced, cubed or grated cucumber. Add a little salt if wanted).

Be careful though. if you do all the above you may end up at the other extreme with a too mild curry and, remember, taste first. the flavour will have changed after sitting overnight. You might find what was overly hot to your taste buds at the first serving has altered somewhat to a less 'lip numbing' kind of heat.

Chef_sampa, Jul 17, 9:17 am

Thanks for the ideas, will give them a go.

Made enough for 2 more meals, so can try a couple of these.
Just me and son at home, we both like a spicy curry, but I managed to over spice this one.
Was a new product from PnS that I hadn't used before.(tri colour jalapenos)
Will use half as much next time.

Chef_smallwoods, Jul 17, 1:01 pm

Yep, worked a lot better.
Melted some gee and put a bowlful in to reheat.
Juice of one lemon and sliced up a banana into the mix.
Reheated for around 5 minutes and has become a better sweeter mix without the "kick", still spicy(nice).

Chef_smallwoods, Jul 17, 1:15 pm

Add a spoonful at a time some vinegar and taste. Takes away the burning but not the taste.

Chef_thewomble1, Jul 18, 12:59 am

What kills the heat of chilli is dairy.
Milk, cream, yoghurt etc.
Nothing else.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 18, 7:02 am

You're welcome smallwoods, glad it worked out and was still yummy without the lethal kick. :)

Chef_sampa, Mar 5, 3:01 pm

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