Best non-stick Loaf Tins?

What are the best non-stick loaf tins you use? I have bought some in the past from The Warehouse and all the non-stick stuff ends up on my loaf of bread!

Anyone got a really good brand that lasts well as I use mine a lot to make my daughter gluten free bread.

Chef_mumstu, Jul 8, 12:50 pm

I don't know if they would be suitable for bread, but I find silicon cookware very good for general baking. They are very wobbly so I put them on an upsidedown cake rake in the oven to make it easier to remove from the oven when hot.

Chef_redpearl, Jul 8, 2:11 pm

Baking paper.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 8, 3:18 pm

Circulon from stevens

Chef_onclemick, Jul 8, 3:29 pm

Non-stick (chinese made) which is what we now buy here in NZ - is made to be fine to a max 150 to 170 degrees C.

This means no steaks in a fry pan (which would be 300 Celsius) - and no bread - as the starting degrees for baking bread is 250 C degrees, then you go down to 200 C degrees for the last 30 minutes to finish the bread.

I am lucky and still have some European ones, which are no - nonstick.
I would recommend to go to some catering places and see what they have.

Good luck.

Chef_uli, Jul 8, 3:39 pm

I have one like this -

Best one I've owned so far, wish I had two of them but, from memory, there was only the one left in stock when I bought it from Mighty Ape probably. They have some excellent special deals pop up from time to time.

Chef_sampa, Jul 8, 3:58 pm

Sorry, I take it back. got it off here and I see the trader has a listing for them still -

Chef_sampa, Jul 8, 4:07 pm

do you go to the shop? I love just looking around there, but daren't go there often :)

Chef_unknowndisorder, Jul 8, 5:17 pm

No, just bought it through TM. please don't tempt me lol.

Chef_sampa, Jul 8, 6:35 pm

I used a silicon no problems for pickles / Jacqueline's VOGELS like bread. Only thing was it is quite big which should be good if you make heaps. You could also buy some old BonCo ones off trade me and use trader Pickles tin glide recipe or else butter and then flour. I learnt about BonCo tins being the best in the past on this site and then found out while researching family history for my daughter that the founder of the company was my husbands great grandfather!

Chef_wendalls, Jul 8, 8:04 pm

thanks for all the help. will have a look at those suggestions. Will try a few op shops to for old ones maybe?

Chef_mumstu, Jul 12, 4:51 pm

Circulon from Stevens, when they have them on special its a great deal.

Chef_kirkwood10, Jul 12, 5:29 pm

I find silicon really good for sweet loaves but haven't tried bread in them.

Chef_bev.wood, Jul 12, 8:52 pm

Using tin glide works best with bread I have found.

Chef_eljayv, Mar 19, 6:56 am

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