2 queries please? Eggs ~ and treacle tart?

nauru, Jan 1, 5:36am
You are welcome hezwez, let me know how it goes. Haven't had a treacle tart for many years, used to love it when I was growing up but I would probably find it too sweet for my taste these days.

hezwez, Jan 1, 8:34am
It was delicious, but I made my own short pastry and that was a bit of a disaster. Husband said it was fifty years since he'd had it and he'd forgotten the taste (he's been nagging me for 35 years to make it!) but the taste brought the memories flooding back.

hezwez, Jan 1, 7:44am
Hi and happy New Year to you all. Firstly, if I boil eggs tonight to stuff tomorrow, should I peel or not tonight? I'm worried the whites may discolour. Secondly, my husband has been hankering for ages for a treacle tart as he used to have as a boy in England. Has anyone a tried recipe please? Thanks

unknowndisorder, Jan 1, 8:01am
Happy new year.

See page 8 of the desserts recipe thread I bumped (just below this.), as for the eggs, I think peeling would be okay, but am no expert. There are a number of threads that got me sidetracked (watching dr who lol) but couldn't quite work out whether peeling would be okay or not, but know the lunch har next to work sells them peeled and they never look discoloured.

Hope you have an enjoyable night :)

nauru, Jan 1, 9:13am
I have C&P'd this recipe from the UK Bero website, this is a recipe that my Gran and Mum always used for Treacle Tart when I was growing up in the UK. I also remember at school for lunches we had Treacle tart made with cornflakes instead of breadcrumbs which was rather yummy.
Treacle Tart
100 g (4 oz) Be-Ro Short Pastry
100 g (4 oz) golden syrup
25 g (1 oz) soft white breadcrumbs
½ lemon, grated rind and juice
Heat oven to 200ºC, 400ºF, Gas Mark 6. Line an 18 cm (7 inch) ovenproof plate with the pastry. Warm syrup and mix with bread-crumbs, lemon juice and rind. Pour on to pastry and decorate top with pastry trimmings. Bake for 20 minutes.
As for the eggs, I tend to boil them and leave in the shells until needed, that's just me though. I'm sure others would have other ideas.

hezwez, May 22, 2:20am
Thanks both of you. That tart will make his day.

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