How do I freeze egg whites?

bambi58, Oct 12, 4:57am
I've got a surplus of eggs at the moment, so want to know how to freeze the whites for later (Christmas) use. Also, any reliable way to keep the yolks too.

awoftam, Oct 12, 5:04am
I find a freezer works better than most things., Oct 12, 5:14am
I put mine in small ziplock bags only 3 or 4 at a time. Don't think you can freeze egg yolks though but not sure as I've never done before?

uli, Oct 12, 5:17am
Both whites and yolks can be frozen - and as awoftam said helpfully above - it helps if you have a freezer. She is not usually so helpful - so count yourself lucky!

Personally I mix lightly with a spoon, put into a small container and freeze.
If you know what you want to make later on then it is a good idea to freeze in those portions. Let's say 6 egg whites for a pavlova or 4 egg yolks for a vanilla sauce or pudding etc.

Good luck!

bambi58, Oct 12, 5:20am
Thanks for the info, the hens are laying out of control, can't use the eggs quickly enough!

uli, Oct 12, 11:47pm
If I have too many eggs I make lots of frittata - I can use up to 12 eggs in one hit and whatever is left over can be next days lunch.

Then of course you could also make:
bacon and egg pies and eat some and freeze some
omelettes with fresh asparagus goes down well
pancakes can have lots of eggs in the batter too
make a big jar of pickled eggs (or tea eggs or soy eggs) for snacks and lunches (keep in the fridge)
eggs benedict for breakfast or simply soft boiled with toast
Egg Foo Yung - The Chinese Omelet is another good use of lots of eggs
egg salad with shrimp and celery is nice
Shakshukah a north African dish is great as well

Happy eating!

samanya, Oct 13, 5:05am
Good advice . pity you had to lower yourself by criticising another poster!
I always find awoftam helpful & pleasant, as well.

uli, Oct 13, 5:44am
then all hell would have broken loose and at least 5 posters on here would have written how and what (insert what you would have written) I am.

However awoftam can pull it off with nobody commenting - AND if I do (in passing - then comment on that very helpful comment) then the useless comments start.

Amazing isn't it?

How about you post some helpful advice on how to freeze egg whites or even on how to deal with a dozen eggs a day? Surely you have lots of recipes up your sleeve - much more helpful to the thread at hand than what you posted above don't you think?

samanya, Sep 4, 2:49am
More helpful than "She is not usually so helpful - so count yourself lucky! " .was that necessary & what use was it, as far as this thread is concerned?
You answered the OP very adequately, she was not asking for recipes or how to use 1 dozen eggs per day, was she?

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