Pumpkin pasta dish healthy food guide help

Hi all, just posting on the off chance someone has this recipe. HFG can a recipe on their website that they have taken down and it is my daughter fav. Does anyone have it? It has pasta, pumpkin, bacon, red pepper and chicken stock I think. I have emailed them but they have referred me to a mac and cheese which is not it. Many thanks!

Chef_tarme220, Jun 12, 1:42 pm

Do you know which issue of the mag it was in?. I may have it and can look it up for you.

Chef_nauru, Jun 12, 4:00 pm

OOps!, posted twice

Chef_nauru, Jun 12, 4:01 pm

I found it through the website. Someone in parenting has given it to me, but thank you nauru for the offer :)

Chef_tarme220, Jun 3, 1:52 pm

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