Poormans caramel slice recipe!

Please does any one have this recipe! I have just hunted high and low through my recipes and I have misplaced it! I would much appreciate it Thanks! Its the one with no condensed milk the caramel is made with butter, egg and sugar I think!

Chef_sherrie, Apr 19, 2:35 pm

Sorry have never heard of it, but am interested to see it!

Chef_lindylambchops1, Apr 19, 5:01 pm

I have but can't think , where right now. Had lots of sugar, butter, golden syrup, and a little flour, a Tbsp or two, if I remember right. I could make it rather than give out quantities off my head. If I do find it I will post ,back here.

Chef_pickles7, Apr 19, 5:26 pm

Have a look at the recipes on this site. They are American so some may need adjusting. I haven't tried any of them.

Chef_kay141, Apr 19, 5:37 pm

Sweetened condensed milk

1 cup of sugar,
2 cups of milk powder,
1 Tblsp butter,
3/4 cup of boiling water.

Chef_pickles7, Apr 19, 7:33 pm

Thanks everyone!

Chef_sherrie, Apr 21, 10:01 am

This from stackofrecipes site, so the recipe must've been on here at some stage.

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Chef_kaddiew, Apr 21, 10:35 am

I'll have that recipe, thanks Elliehen! :)

Chef_kaddiew, Apr 21, 1:42 pm

I made this today and though it is very rich it is very nice!. I wasn't too keen on unbaked egg etc in the top so put it in the oven for 10 minutes or so and it came out well. I also put walnuts in the icing. It really has come out very similar to the condensed milk caramel slice. Thanks for the recipe!

Chef_meetee, Apr 24, 1:48 pm

Thank you so much kaddiew and elliehen! This is the recipe I have been looking for! It is very rich but very yummy! You do stop at only one piece!

Chef_sherrie, Apr 24, 8:55 pm

Oh great stuff! Thanks for sharing that. Must give it a try!

Chef_lindylambchops1, Apr 24, 9:38 pm

just made this today Saturday nice

Chef_harrislucinda, Apr 27, 2:40 pm

I made this and cooked the middle for 10mins on top of the base cook time and then put into fridge and then when cool iced it with chocolate icing! Yummy and not as sickly as the non cooked middle! Thanks for the tip meetee!

Chef_sherrie, Apr 29, 1:31 pm

Cream 300g butter, 1t vanilla and 1c cup sugar. Add 5 cups of sugar and 2t bp. This makes a crumbly mixture. Press into the tin and refrigerate.
Microwave 2 tins of condensed milk with 70g butter and 4T golden syrup until the butter is almost melted. Stir until combined and smooth.
Pour over the base and bake in a 170C oven until the topping is golden.
Variations: Add spice and ginger to the base and topping; ice with melted chocolate; cover the base with salted peanuts then pour over caramel.
All variations are delicious!

Chef_bisloy, Apr 29, 8:06 pm

Surely this is RICHMAN'S CARAMEL SLICE Recipe!

Chef_lindylambchops1, Apr 29, 8:36 pm

sweet treats

Chef_bev00, Apr 29, 8:39 pm

5 cups of sugar =/
AND 2 tins scm

preparation: book an appointment with the diabetes clinic for next day.

Chef_trigal1, Sep 4, 6:07 am

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