Chutney question

I am going to make some Feijoa Chutney, but am wanting know to what can I replace the onions with? as hubby has a intolerance to onions, any idea or suggestions would be most grateful

Chef_fishnwally, May 31, 8:23 pm

Onion powder maybe? If you google "chutney without onions" you will several recipes for chutney without onions

Chef_melford, May 31, 8:31 pm

sultanas, apple

Chef_rainrain1, May 31, 8:35 pm

Thank you will try those suggestions, onion powder still a no go with hubby

Chef_fishnwally, May 31, 8:40 pm

Leeks if he can tolerate those, apple, sultanas, rhubarb.

Chef_pengy2, Jun 27, 4:42 am

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