Sweet breads (offal)

Googled how to cook. Some say boil, cool then fry. Others just crumb and fry. Anyone got a good a recipe. THANKS

Chef_thewomble1, May 29, 11:07 pm

thewomble1, I don't have a recipe as such and I haven't had sweetbreads for a number of years however my preference is not to have them fried.
As children we had sweetbreads quite frequently because my Dad worked at a meat works. Once away from home and cooking the sweetbreads for myself I have always done as my Mum did - she rinsed the sweetbreads, then gently simmered them in water until cooked, then cooled the sweetbreads and trimmed off any excess fat or other 'bits', For those who liked them fried, that's the way Mum (or sometimes Dad) cooked them but I can't remember whether the sweetbreads were crumbed or battered. Personally I found the sweetbreads to be too rich when fried so I had them in a white sauce - I'm not sure how Mum prepared the sauce but from memory, I think I used some of the cooking liquid as well as milk when making the sauce.

Hope that helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, May 30, 1:58 am

Boiled, crumbed then fried is how I used to do them

Chef_rainrain1, May 30, 9:04 am

Rinse well in cold water, simmer 15 mins drain cool then dip in flour,beaten egg, crumb in panko crumbs, sit in fridge 1/2 hr before cooking fry in teasp oil and butter till crumbs are golden, serve with salad. or Make a white sauce with plenty garlic, chopped parsley,s/p add boiled cooled sweet breads heat through serve on toast or pile of mash.

Chef_fifie, May 30, 11:57 am

Boiled - often in milk because it helped retain the white colour. Crumbed then fried is how I nostalgically remember them from childhood.

Chef_fey, May 30, 3:00 pm

Boil and put in white parsley sauce lovely

Chef_sticky232, May 30, 9:19 pm

This is what I do.

Chef_dolphin19, May 30, 9:31 pm

Thanks to everyone.
When frying . cook like you would squid . short period of time so they don't leathery. Read to cook 4 minutes each side.

Chef_thewomble1, May 30, 9:54 pm

crumb then shallow fried in chilli oil

Chef_twindizzy, May 31, 8:10 am

I use this recipe when I can get sweetbreads - usually from the butcher who keeps some in the freezer. Excellent recipe. Its the closest I could find to the ones sold at Homestead Chicken. You can add cumin, garlic salt and other seasonings to the breadcrumbs to give more flavour.

Chef_dawnwoman, May 31, 11:42 am

boil with a silce of bacon in the water it really helps the flavor cool then roll in flour and egg and bread crumbs and fry eat with bacon on toast yummy or mashed spud

Chef_whitehead., Jun 1, 12:39 pm

When frying . like cooking squid . quick for short period OR longer and lower temperature

Chef_thewomble1, Jun 2, 11:57 pm

THANKS to everyone. Add a stock cube to the water and simmered them for 15 minutes . removed from water and cooled . then flour,egg and bread crumbed and deep fried. Turned out to be very very tender. Again thanks to all.
Going to try sheep brains cooking as above.

Chef_thewomble1, May 26, 7:03 am

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