What do you put on top of your porridge

My family served porridge with brown sugar sprinkled on top, or a swirl of golden syrup. DH"s family put bran on top of their porridge. I crush a weetbix on his now. How do you serve your porridge ?

Chef_janeny1, May 26, 11:53 am

Have it with cream and milk and a Tablespoon of yoghurt for sweeteness. No sugar.

Chef_cgvl, May 26, 12:18 pm

Flavoured cooked sachet, eat it as it is, i.e. no milk sugar or anything

Chef_rainrain1, May 26, 12:42 pm

Oat and Almond milk, no sugar no syrup etc etc.

Chef_beaker59, May 26, 12:59 pm

Properly made porridge with soft brown sugar, a knob of butter and creamy milk.

Chef_deanna14, May 26, 1:19 pm

My favourite is brown sugar and cream. I rarely have it though :)

Chef_rarogal, May 26, 1:30 pm

thanks everyone. rarogal,it's quick and simple to make in the microwave. I use our pasta dishes, half a cup rolled oats, pinch sail, two thirds cup milk, cook for one minute, stir, cook for another minute and it is ready to serve. Saves washing up too, as you cook it in the plate you eat from.

Chef_janeny1, May 26, 1:41 pm

My 6 year old daughter, a white and gold staffy, eats it anyway. Oh how she would like brown sugar and cream on top :-) :-)

Chef_westward1, May 26, 1:45 pm

Oh no . . . you sound like a normal person and I thought I was the only one left.

Chef_wasgonna, May 26, 2:26 pm

A sprinkle of cinnamon can be helpful if anyone's looking to cut down the added sweeteners.

westward1 - my 6 year old 'daughter' - red and white Boxer - completely concurs with your girls thoughts on the matter. ;-)

Chef_sampa, May 26, 2:40 pm

Yes! My Dad used to make us this for breakfast int he Winter. Divine.

Chef_awoftam, May 26, 3:32 pm

I love it topped with fruit and almonds and a little soya milk.

Chef_hezwez, May 26, 3:33 pm

I had it this morning with berries, and superfoods blend. I've also started cooking it with a mix of unsweetened coconut milk and water.

Chef_suzannelg, May 26, 3:40 pm

I cook the porridge and then mix it with frozen blueberries which thaw within one minute and bio farm yoghurt. Never get sick of it.

Chef_turtlet, May 26, 6:25 pm

Banana, cinnamon and maple syrup are good Or I soak rolled oats in soy milk with a little cinnamon overnight and in the morning grate an apple on top, sometimes add banana as well.

Chef_frances1266, May 26, 6:27 pm

My favourite way is with cream and raw sugar. I was interested to see that someone here has butter with it. My neighbour, who is English, has butter on it too. I hadn't heard of that until recently. I haven't been brave enough to try it with butter.

Chef_maximus44, May 26, 7:06 pm

I add banana protein powder (whey) and LSA, really nice, then just half water and half milk.

Chef_wildflower, May 26, 7:15 pm

The butter and the sugar kinda goes caramelly and then the cream. oh la laaaaaaa

Chef_awoftam, May 26, 7:21 pm

My Scots grandmother ate her porridge with butter and salt.

Chef_davidt4, May 26, 7:34 pm

I wonder if her butter was unsalted. ?

Chef_awoftam, May 26, 7:38 pm

I cook three dates in mine

Chef_lilyfield, May 26, 7:54 pm

slice or two of cheese at bottom of bowl, porridge then brown sugar and cream. sounds weird huh? That was my brother in-laws thing. now we all do it

Chef_fordfeet, May 26, 8:02 pm

Gawd I need some porridge I am dribbling at all the posts on this thread.

Chef_awoftam, May 26, 8:06 pm

Cooked with water and either a touch of cinnamon, cardamon or nutmeg. Sometimes make it with grated apple and almonds depending what I fancy. Usually topped with homemade oat milk, LSA and either prunes and fresh fruit or rhubarb & raspberry puree which I make as a topping to have with my greek yoghurt.

Chef_nauru, May 26, 8:14 pm

I don't put anything on top of my porridge because I cook it with grated Apple, vanilla essence, cinnamon, chia seeds and almonds - doesn't need anything else. Cooked with half water, half almond milk.

I also soak my "mixture" overnight so you get a nice soft, creamy porridge and no phaffing around in the morning mixing and measuring.

Chef_sarahb5, May 26, 8:28 pm

Shaved almonds and runny honey

Chef_smallwoods, May 26, 9:09 pm

Me too!

Chef_valtrin, May 27, 9:04 am

Butter on porridge? Ewwwww

Chef_rainrain1, May 27, 9:08 am

Agreed although it appears to be quite popular - I don't even understand the salt on porridge that the Scots do so not keen to try butter either. Made mine with light coconut cream today as I had some left over from last night's curry - was a bit different but nice for a change.

Chef_sarahb5, May 27, 10:17 am

I like it cooked the old fashioned way (soak overnight), using oatmeal, with not quite enough salt.

Cream on top, and a sprinkle of sea salt, with raw sugar or honey (Kamahi is my current fave, or Vipers Bugloss). (The salt and sweet compliment each other nicely.

When cream isn't available, butter and milk does the job.

Chef_mark.52, May 27, 10:24 am

I agree about the salt, not to my taste. Yesterday, I made my oat milk with a little coconut added to the oats and today's porridge had a nice coconut flavour, not too over powering. Topped it with some chopped walnuts and dates.

Chef_nauru, May 27, 11:11 am

I mix a spoon of molasses in mine. No need for salt. And serve with a scoop of vanilla yoghurt. yummy.

Chef_elsielaurie1, May 27, 3:32 pm

Butter and salt while cooking. Coconut sugar, cinnamon and cream topping.

Chef_tessie2, May 28, 11:52 pm

Wheatgerm, bran,cinnamon and a couple of prunes while cooking in my special shallow porridge plate in the microwave then blueberries, brown sugar and milk while waiting for the porridge to cool.

Chef_anna95, May 29, 5:45 am

I soak my oats/raisins overnight with water and vinegar, add salt when cooking, then serve with butter and honey. I usually don't like porridge, but this way. sweet, sour, salty, buttery. it is luvverly.

Chef_mjhdeal, May 29, 6:00 am

Ohhh,sounds good,never thought of vinegar though.I hear a lovely Irish lady is selling porridge and stewed fruit every day from a food truck at the Manly Ferry here in Sydney.All the young city 'hipsters' have discovered this 'super food'.She cant make enough of it and needs extra staff!

Chef_genpat, May 29, 7:34 am

'Discovered' = too funny!

Chef_sampa, May 29, 8:09 am

Frozen raspberries, they thaw and yoghurt

Chef_jules555, May 29, 9:23 am

Then I've been eating this "super food" for well over 60 years.

Chef_nauru, May 29, 6:24 pm

Unpasteurized milk and raw sugar.

Chef_thewomble1, Jun 1, 1:47 am

How is 'properly made' porridge made?

I used to put some into a pot and add milk and cook till thick. Sometimes I used water and others, half water and half milk. Then I added salt because all starchy foods are improved with salt. Served it with cream. Was my method improper?

Later on I got creative and started adding dried fruit. Then I realised I was slowly, but steadily gaining weight so I don't eat porridge anymore.

Chef_buzzy110, Jun 1, 4:15 pm

My wife made some runny marmalade.
After cooking porridge I stirred 2 heaped dessertspoons full into the porridge.!
Yumster !

Chef_mike16, Jun 1, 9:31 pm

I think "properly made" = made. As in, not out of a sachet :)

Chef_mjhdeal, Jun 2, 8:05 am

Duh! OK. I didn't know it came in a sachet. What a waste of resources and time. It takes no time at all to make porridge even using a pot on a stove. Why buy it in a sachet? How is "sachet" porridge cooked?

Chef_buzzy110, Jun 2, 2:19 pm

A Tbsp of jam or lemon curd is equally as yum!

Chef_342, Jun 2, 3:37 pm

Cooked in the microwave using oats, salt, water and chopped dates. Served with milk stirred through. I used to put brown sugar on top, but after giving up sugar for 'Stoptober' last year, I didn't go back to having sugar on it :)

Chef_carlos57, Jun 2, 7:29 pm

Sure it wasn't the dried fruit buzzy? Some fruit has a lot of fructose in it and dried fruit a heap, esp things like dates. Porridge in and of itself shouldn't be fattening, its what we put in it on it that causes this, I reckon.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 2, 7:41 pm

Or how much you eat? I only use 1/4 cup of oats, sometimes with dried fruit, sometimes with fresh, then topped with unsweetened Greek yoghurt.

Chef_kay141, Jun 2, 7:42 pm

Have been known to sprinkle M & M's on my porridge. yummy sweet crunchie treat.😎

Chef_mikew, Jun 2, 8:43 pm

Ha ha each to his own!

Chef_awoftam, Jun 24, 6:13 am

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