Gluten free buns/rolls

Which brand is it that she likes? I haven't tried any for my son.

Chef_eljayv, Jan 1, 10:44 am

Hi just after a reasonably easy recipe for gluten free rolls, buns or hamburger buns. Thanks

Chef_deb158, Dec 30, 10:32 pm

I hope someone posts a recipe so I can make them for my daughter. I have been buying GF burger buns that come in a pack of two. She likes them but they are very expensive

Chef_edlin, Dec 31, 12:24 pm

I have just developed a gluten intolerance and weaning myself of it. Its really easy. Do not miss buns or bread any more. And totally refuse to buy expensive glutenfree stuff.

Chef_lilyfield, Dec 31, 3:23 pm

Hubbards thank goodness gluten free bread mix makes the nicest bread and there are directions for breadmaker as well on packet. One packet contains enough to mix for two loaves and costs around $7 to $8 depending where you buy so $3.50 to $4 a loaf.

Chef_eljayv, Jan 1, 12:03 pm

Chef_charli, May 23, 3:12 pm