Tree tomatos

Has anyone got any iideas for them please

Chef_taloofa, May 5, 6:55 pm

stew with custard or relish

Chef_harrislucinda, May 5, 7:06 pm

Thanking you

Chef_taloofa, May 5, 7:14 pm

I have a cookbook from Marlborough that has many recipes. however one my Mum & I have used is layers of tree tomatoes & kiwi fruit. sprinkled with a small amount of sugar. they compliment each other fab.

When I get time I'll type some recipes up. are they in season now?

Chef_leebee35, May 5, 9:34 pm

love them together with fried liver

Chef_lilyfield, May 5, 10:52 pm

Use them to marinate meat, I love them as fresh fruit. Have had them cooked as well.

Chef_cgvl, May 6, 10:16 am

Blanch then and take the skin off (or if lazy like me and have a sharp knife, peel), slice or cube, sprinkle with a small amount of brown sugar (not more than a tblspn full- i use less than that) and sherry (a shot glass full or thereabouts) and leave in the fridge to macerate/marinate. They are delicious that way with whipped cream, runny cream, over ice cream or even just as they are.

I also prefer to just eat them as they are. I also used to eat them raw toasted Vogels instead of tomato. Currently we shake our trees with our grandies and eat the ones that fall.

Chef_buzzy110, May 6, 10:31 am

Thanks everyone, for your ideas. Will be busy day for me today, corrina

Chef_taloofa, May 6, 11:43 am

We had tamarillo (with a little sugar) sandwiches as children. I'd still enjoy them now if they weren't so expensive to buy.

Chef_kaddiew, Aug 21, 5:58 am

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