Bacon & egg Mixture in Pie maker.

ubuthebirman, Apr 18, 6:28am
I have just bought a 4-pie Maker, Am happy abt the mixture for the mince pies, but the bacon & egg pies are dry & Yugh! Is there a secret to this mixture? definitely not like a bought one.

kirmag, Apr 18, 6:44am
Not a traditional bacon n egg pie but I fry up chopped bacon n onion, stir in eggs and cheese and tomato sauce. All in the same pot. Yum! I do this for toasted sammie fillings but works the same in a pie.

pods, Oct 3, 7:46am
I fry the chopped bacon and onion and put in the pastry case sprinkle some grated cheese and break an egg over the top and put lid on and cook. The egg cooks just right.

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