Under cooked leg of lamb?

We had the most delicious lamb roast tonight. By the time we had taken enough meat off bone for us, we are now left with some very pink (too pink) meat.
Does anyone have suggestions of how I go about cooking the leg of lamb further so it's oK to eat tomorrow night. If I re-roast it, I thought it might get tough. Never had this situation before, usually have a crowd and I cook it longer. Was following a different recipe which said cook for 1.5hrs which I suspected wouldn't be long enough.

Chef_serious6, Jul 26, 8:34 pm

Put it back in a mod oven and cook till it's done and you are happy with it. Sometimes I think you can try too hard to get pink perfection, a roast is about the easiest thing in the world to cook

Chef_rainrain1, Feb 12, 11:12 pm

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