Lovely pasta dish

Cook pasta, cook some chicken add mushrooms,bacon cook then add cream and mix all together.
Quantities are whatever to your own taste.
its lovely

Chef_mber2, Jul 17, 1:18 pm

I have a similar - go to - meal I make. Smoked chicken works well and the addition of capers (for those that are fans) is tasty. Good quick meal and another great way to use up left over chicken plus suitable to send off for lunch if there are leftovers. :)

Chef_sampa, Jul 17, 3:33 pm

I also do something similar & add green beans & hazelnuts & some Parmesan.

Chef_samanya, Jul 17, 10:56 pm

Made a version last night after this thread jogged my mind. Added in some 'needed to use up' yellow cherry tomatoes which turned out to be an excellent move. Very high on the yumorater. :)

Chef_sampa, Mar 5, 10:43 pm

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