Thank you for some of the knowledge you pass on. Some of which has encouraged me to make sourdough and kefir, the latter I just love now, since I've been second fermenting - what a difference that made to the taste and texture, it is thick and tastes almost like cream. I am now wanting to attempt kombucha but wonder about the acidity of it as I have problems with acid fruits etc. So I am hoping you may know if there there could be a problem for me with kombucha. I have enjoyed some I have purchased but before I get into buying some equipment and a scoby I thought I may seek some advice .

Chef_eljayv, Apr 28, 9:37 pm

Fantastic news. I think you may have a problem with kombucha. I've only tasted one bottle of bought kombucha and thought it was too sweet for my tastes. My own is quite vinegary, especially the last bottles that take a couple of weeks before we get around to drinking them so there could be a problem.

One of the things I do is buy unpasteurised apple juice from a local orchard, or I make my own from my own apples in season. Let me explain:

First I make the kombucha (10days fermenting) then I stir in 350mls of apple juice to the liquid (after I take out the scoby and two cups of liquid to start the next batch) and bottle it all up (I use Grolsch beer bottles with those neat lids that come with a rubber O-ring and a metal handle) and leave for a secondary ferment in a chilly bin (to keep the light out and keep it relatively warm) for 3-4 days. Then into the fridge and start drinking.

Sometimes I also add in freshly squeezed ginger juice to the second ferment liquid as well.

It doesn't taste so vinegary then but I'm sure that it is still acidic.

I see you live in Auckland. I can give you a scoby if you like. I can also bring some of my kombucha so that you can try and see it is OK for you.

Equipment is not too horrendous. I bought a large jar and a smaller one (because it is difficult to find a 4.5litre jar) from an OP shop. I acquired the Grolsch bottles by buying a dozen for my DH who drinks beer anyway. They are a bit more expensive than NZ beer but I needed the bottles anyway and that way was cheaper. Maybe I could have scrounged some from the local pub but I wasn't keen going there. I do not haunt pubs and bars. That was all the equipment I needed to buy. I had a big enough pot for the tea making already.

Chef_buzzy110, Apr 29, 9:20 am

Thanks for your input and I guess I should think again on kombucha but I am not giving up on the idea entirely but telling myself it is on hold for now. However I have saved your notes and will make use of your tips if I decide to give it a go later. Your comment about haunting pubs and bars made me smile . I couldn't think of anyone less likely, other than me.;))

Chef_eljayv, Sep 3, 10:20 pm

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