Caffitaly machine pods.

We were given a Caffitaly machine and I have found one brand of pods at Countdown. There seems to be a wider range that are compatible with Nespresso machines. Are they interchangeable

Chef_edlin, Jul 30, 3:20 pm

No, the Caffitaly are not compatible with Nespresso. They are, however, compatible with the Aus Expressi machine

Chef_waswoods, Jul 30, 5:01 pm

You can buy the pods at Briscoes and Harvey Norman but they are dearer than Nespresso
Hoping they will come down in price and a wider range offered soon

Chef_griffo4, Jul 30, 5:23 pm

Thanks,I was afraid hat would be the answer

Chef_edlin, Feb 2, 3:01 pm

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