Hi all. Can someone please give me a "no fail" bread recipe using ordinary flour. (Not bread-maker). Thanks.

Chef_chris313, Jul 25, 1:03 pm

Golly gosh chris313, best if you did the search to the left near the page title for this.

There are heaps of thoughts noted over a period of time and just putting in the word 'bread' and select 'last year' will open up quite a few threads, then just go through to find the one most suitable to your thoughts.


Chef_valentino, Jul 25, 1:43 pm

What sort of bread chris313? Something yeast based or something that you can make quickly and easily without yeast such as Beer Bread (okay, yes, the 'yeast' is in the beer but that's academic if Chris is looking for a quick to prepare, simple, straightforward 'bread to accompany soup etc' type of recipe).

Chef_sampa, Feb 16, 10:13 pm

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