Does anyone know how to make this kind of icing

Chef_skatz1, Mar 17, 10:54 pm

It looks like a buttercream which would certainly be soft enough for a smash cake. I would just make a vanilla buttercream and use some colouring and/or flavouring.

Chef_madj, Mar 17, 11:33 pm

is it the one with the number 1 on it. Looks like butter cream and no nozzle used. Good luck with getting your icing go that red always have trouble with that

Chef_slimgym, Mar 18, 9:54 am

Its buttercream. When you make the buttercream use kremelta instead of butter it will keep the icing white! I like to add pink colouring first then let it sit for a bit then start adding the red colouring. Hope that helps

Chef_stacey-shaun1, Mar 18, 10:28 am

Adding a bit of dark cocoa powder brings out the red in the red colouring. Brown colouring will also work. You will not get a true red but more with a ting of maroon. Just adding red colour will give you shades of pink.

Chef_marcs, Dec 18, 7:17 am

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