Anyone got some nice recipes for TARTS!

Thought I might have a try at making some next days off or in the future.

Chef_kiwisportsgirl, Jul 2, 1:11 am

How good are you at making short pastry?

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 2, 11:45 am

Are you living near Brisbane ?

Chef_pickles7, Jul 2, 5:06 pm

Isn't this a human rights violation? Tarts should be allowed to make the same things as anyone else!

Chef_wasala, Jul 2, 6:48 pm

Tarts have more fun, or is that Tarts are more fun, or Tarts are yummy.
Opps I forgot.

Now where is that recipe for Trout.

Chef_shinygem, Jul 5, 10:35 pm

My all time favourite Neenish Tarts. Recipe converted and adapted to metric from my grandmother's recipe book. I've made these often and they're so yum.
100g each of butter, flour and sugar
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
Pinch salt

1) Preheat oven to 180o.
2) Cream butter & sugar, add egg & beat well.
3) Add previously sifted dry ingredients & mix to combine.
4) Knead and roll into a disc. Cover in glad wrap & chill for 30 mins.
5) Grease patty pans
6) Roll out pastry, cut into rounds and place into patty tins.
7) bake for 10-15 minutes until golden.
8) cool

4tbsp each of butter, sweetened condensed milk & icing sugar
4 tsp lemon juice
1) soften butter & mix icing sugar into it.
2) Add milk & lemon juice.
3). Spoon filling into cooled cases and smooth the top.
4). When set, ice 1/2 of each with chocolate icing and the other half with plain white icing.

Note. I use a glacé icing made with icing sugar and boiling water to a smooth consistency. Add cocoa to the chocolate icing. I usually do the white one first, wait for it to set (doesn't take long) then do the chocolate one.

Although this has a number of processes, it's worth it IMHO. When I make these, I'm usually doing a baking session with other things as well and will start with the pastry, make something else, roll and bake cases. Do something else. Etc. ,

I have been known though, if I'm in a hurry & want to do some to impress used shop bought short pastry and made the filling and icing.

I've also made the pastry to use for other tarts. Using cooked cases;
a) Making my own caramel or using the nestle tins and putting into cooked cases. Topping with chocolate buttons, chopped macadamia so or banana chips. Sometimes put some Nutella in the bottom of the cases and top with caramel.
b). Some custard topped with fruit pieces
c) lemon or lime curd. Top with white chocolate buttons, pieces of dried fruit. Crystallised ginger on lime curd is to die for. Also have done a meringue mix on lemon curd and torched them for mini lemon meringue tarts.

Had a friend who liked some of them so much she commissioned me to make them for her sons wedding desert table.

Chef_huia991, Jul 6, 12:09 am

Just cooked my tart a omelette for breaky.

Chef_smallwoods, Apr 7, 11:12 pm

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