Hi all, can anyone tell me if I should leave these raw when putting in the mixture before baking the biscuits or toast them a little first.
Thanks in advance!

Chef_sporty32, Jul 30, 10:29 am

I'd leave them raw

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 30, 11:36 am

After I have rolled the shortbread mixture out, I sprinkle the slivered almonds on top of some, (raw) and castor sugar on others, press them in slightly and cook, I some times add almond essence to it as well, yum!

Chef_emmbee, Jul 30, 11:58 am

Generally shortbreads are a short time in oven compared to other recipes where the use of almonds is longer.

Hmmm, need to think if you like Almonds that are raw, half cooked or naturally properly baked/roasted. Also to take into account that they are slivered and not whole. And cook them to your taste.

Personally, I would roast them until just slightly golden (be about 10 to 15 minutes tops) or a toss in a frypan until similar to roast then allow to cool then into the shortbread mixture etc and being baked as normal.

Chef_valentino, Feb 4, 1:18 pm

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