Braised Steak Recipes

Have you got any nice tasty brasied steak recipes ps

Chef_mber2, Apr 30, 6:06 pm

I use cross cut blade steak. Fry to seal quickly. Then fry up a load of sliced onions. Transfer over to baking dish. Sprinkle with onions, good couple of handfuls of flour, salt, pepper and oxo cube if you want. Cover just with beef stock or Water and bake covered at 180 for a couple of hours. The meat is always so tender and just melts. This is a big family favourite. Great with creamy mashed potatoes.

Chef_molly37, Apr 30, 6:15 pm

Do you just leave steak in one piece?

Chef_wasgonna, Apr 30, 6:38 pm

no, cut it into steak size pieces or bit smaller

Chef_rainrain1, Apr 30, 7:08 pm

Cross cut blade is the bestest! Contrary to what many believe and with all respect to previous poster searing the meat does not 'seal' in moisture or flavour. Searing over high heat caramelises the surface of the meat, which enhances the savory 'meat' flavor and adds layers of flavour to the finished dish. This is called a Maillard reaction and one omnivores find quite delicious. Without searing, meat dishes can taste flat and boring.

I coat my meat in flour seasoned with salt and pepper, then fry in light olive oil, ghee or lard until browned. Remove, sweat off onions and garlic in same pan, using the moisture to scrape off the yummy bits. Add meat back, add stock, wine (and if using bubble up for a couple of minutes), tomato paste, then bang in the oven and cook for around 4 hours on 160 until the meat is melting.

Chef_awoftam, Apr 30, 7:22 pm

The thing abut braising meat is it opens up all sorts of possibilities to play with. Adding chicken, pork and sausage, different herbs and spices, fantastic.

Chef_awoftam, Apr 30, 7:32 pm

Fav at the moment is Blade steak tossed in seasoned flour browned into the slow cooker, then sliced onions, carrots, sweated off, can or bottle beer tipped into pan with cup beef stock,all into cooker Cook on low for a nice rich stew on a bed of mash with steamed greens.

Chef_fifie, Apr 30, 8:12 pm

I suggest you google mber2 - you have been given the basics the choice is yours to play with the options endless!

Chef_awoftam, Apr 30, 8:12 pm

A good braised steak and onions doesn't need chicken pork and sausages added. It is braised steak, onions, and gravy made from the pan juices, salt and pepper. that's it!

Chef_rainrain1, Apr 30, 9:13 pm

Golly lol I agree! Other wise it wouldn't be called braised steak and onions aye. I was meaning starting with braising meat can open up a whole different way of cooking and was encouraging OP to experiment. Cassoulets are a very old way of cooking - an extension of our traditional braising and are delicious. Or should they just stick with braised steak and onions?

Chef_awoftam, Apr 30, 10:05 pm

You had some of us worried there for a while

Chef_rainrain1, Sep 2, 5:55 am

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