Best pots

I have to replace an excellent set of copper based stainless steel pots. After 33 years the handles have started to break. So what are the best pots, we cook using gas.

Chef_coolnzmum, May 24, 9:17 am

I like my scan pans, not saying they're the best, but I like them, Bought some for a son for xmas as well

Chef_rainrain1, May 24, 11:34 am

I have bought the STEVENS own brand and find them great. Not too sure on other brands they stock, bought a non stick fry pan for lots of money and not impressed. You need to buy from Stevens when they have a sale. Happy shopping!

Chef_grouchandco, May 26, 8:08 pm

I use WMF from Germany - were about 1000-00 for the set from memory however I have had mine for 15 odd years and they are as good as new, heavy bottoms, oven safe etc etc. Fry pans - I have tried many and use circulon.

Chef_awoftam, Jul 8, 2:08 pm

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