Keeping scalloped potatoes for reheating.

Sorry it's probably a stupid question, but I am making a cheesy potato scallop dish for a party next Saturday afternoon. I'm busy with kids's sports both Friday night and Saturday morning so am hoping to make them on the Friday afternoon and then refrigerating them overnight. Then transport them across Auckland and reheating in the oven thereā€¦. Do you think that sounds ok? Will the dish still be nice?

I've never really done the cooking thing and reheating later and am worried that it won't turn out.

Chef_b190, May 7, 10:30 am

Yeh i've done it. We never eat it all when I make one, so always reheat the left overs in the oven for the next night. Never had a problem.

Chef_kirmag, May 7, 10:56 am

They'll be absolutely fine reheated gently - and in fact will probably taste even better as the flavours will have had time to develop.

I froze a portion a month ago and reheated it last night - it was perfect.

Chef_kaddiew, May 7, 10:57 am

Oh great, thank you! So you reheat on a high heat for a short amount of time, is that right?

Chef_b190, May 7, 11:38 am

Usually normal time and usual temp here. Not quick and high

Chef_kirmag, May 7, 6:57 pm

No. Reheat gently.

Chef_awoftam, May 7, 7:30 pm

If there's time I'd reheat them slowly/gently, or on medium - but not on high.

Chef_kaddiew, May 7, 7:30 pm

Phew ok glad I asked. Thanks!

Chef_b190, May 7, 10:14 pm

I have done scalloped potatoes for years-cook in your oven, wrap in foil-then several layers of newspaper; then tea towels; then more paper. Put into one of those padded thermal bags (buy at supermarket for transporting frozen stuff, about $5.00) + make sure that it is flat on the floor of the car or boot. Will keep pretty hot + unless it is hours + hours after cooking, shouldn't need reheating. If you must reheat, about 150*C for about half an hour should do it

Chef_mkbooks, Aug 14, 10:01 pm

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