Pressure cooker - Burned the pea soup

I was making pea soup and I could smell it burning but couldn't figure out why until I took the lid out.
This is the recipe
I used 450gm split peas and 2L water.

I had it at 9 o'clock on the dial thinking as the steam was steady it wasn't too hot. Other times I've used the pressure cooker I've avoided thickening and I have lowered it only to see it loose pressure.

Chef_jh34, Jun 2, 8:07 pm

I read that you can get it up to pressure on one element and as soon as it is up to steam move it on to one on medium "or low". You have to watch the pressure indicator (i think a whistle is a better indication than a column).
Or you can do a test run with X cups of water and various temperatures - see how low you can go while still maintaining pressure.

Chef_jh34, Jun 23, 6:52 am

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