Liquid Pectin, and Polllard also spud yeast.

anne1955, Sep 27, 5:39am
Now no knead to think I have totally lost the plot, just rather than starting 3 threads :)
just found some interesting recipes one calling for liquid pectin can it be got or exchanged for powdered and is so what exchange rate please.

Pollard what is it?

And am sure I saw a recipe for yeast made from spud water? Anyone made that? And can you use in bread making? and at what rate to what regarding it and dried yeast?

Thanks people

sue-ellen, Sep 27, 8:28am
pollard is often fed to poultry and i think it is just very fine bran. a by-product of making flour i think. i haven't made bread from spud water, but can see this could work - will watch for updates here :-)

beaker59, Sep 29, 8:54am
Rewana bread is usually made from a sour dough based on Potato water. Basically its a sour dough process so not really substitutable for powdered yeast as then it would just be bread.

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